Falling over but don't remember it

i was at work last week whilst walking to canteen I fell over but don't remember it ,just lying there ,is this normal?all I remember is been on the ground,I did not feel anything different when I was walking no warning nothing,what seemed like few miniutes was only seconds ,I was left with a bruised cheekbone and ego,this is first time this as happened like this....any information would be helpful...........I got diagnosed with PD early this year

Hi Teza,

I'm sorry to read about your fall.

You can read a bit more about falling and Parkinson's here: http://bit.ly/28JWZCe

Just to remind you that you are welcome to give the team a call if you'd like to speak to a Nurse about this on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team).

I normally do that after 10 pints not that I like a drink burp burp !!!!! 

Pits no funny but I can't help it take care Ian 

Hi Teza

i hope your well! That must have been really scary!! I was diagnosed a month ago! I sometimes over balance when I bend forward! Or trip on a step! Scary stuff though! Has it happened again! 


Sorry for late reply..,,was scary because don't remember it,,,,have fallen twice but do remeber them,,,,,,docs think I may have fainted but won't no till see the neurologist next month,,,,,,sorry to hear you got PD,,,keep your chin up take 1 day at a time,,,,,,,just think like I do ...."I have Parkinson's....Parkinson's doesn't have me " good luck 

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Exactly the same thing happened to me. I remember heading for the library but not the fall. The next thing I knew I was lying on the pavement with concerned people around me. A paramedic was there but I don’t remember him doing any of the tests he described in the report which he later gave me. Because all these observations were fine he put the fall down to Parkinson’s and just drove me home, which was great. . But not remembering is strange, although I have been told it is common after a traumatic experience like a fall.