Falling to one side/ support in chairs/ wheelchairs

My husband, age 67, finds it impossible to stay in the upright position when seated both in his wheelchair and in other chairs. it is very difficult to feed him when his head is down on his chest and I find I am holding him up with one hand and feeding him with the other. have consulted our local wheelchair Service but the recommended chest support, a belt similar to a wheelchair safety belt, is inadequate for the weight of my husband (c16st) and uncomfortable to wear. I will go back to Wheelchair Service and ask for further advice but wondered how others cope with this problem. he also frequently asks me to pull him upright and hold his shoulders back as this relieves his discomfort but it is very tiring doing this for any length of time. As he also has dementia, he seems to be unaware of the effort required to achieve this position. help please. Thank you
My husband does the same in his armchair I have thought of string him up to the ceiling lol. It dooesnt happen all the time It was only his right side at first and now it seems to be the left . I am always stuffing cushions around him to try and help support him
Hi grannyD,

An Occupational therapist might be able to suggest equipment and also ways of helping your husband. Has your husband been assessed recently?


Best wishes
Thank you to both of you for help/commiseration. Will ask OT but would have thought head of wheelchair service have this knowledge. Hoped to find someone who has used a harness type restraint in wheelchair. Any one out there?