ive had a nasty fall agin to day ,which ended me back downhospital havin xrays on my arm and side,luckly im only badley bruised.i seem to fall frequently ,dr says its the pd and dystonia ,and cus of back probs,it all relates in to one thing.i go a few weeks doin good,amy be get to confident then ,and then boom down i go agin .it can be anytime of the day .now does this seem to happin to others,frequently,and if so ,have u come across anything to try and prevent it,or even help the situation ?:smile:
Hi alij,hope you have recovered from your fall. I'm always tripping, I have had one fall this year, luckily I fell up some steps not down them. I tend to by shoes with straps and make sure they support my feet.I find I really have to concentrate when I'm crossing the road, its so frustrating. I hope someone else can help.Angelx
Sorry to hear about your fall Ali J

Understanding how PD effected my muscles may offer you a little hope.

As I understand it, the nervous system functions through a constant series of signals passing from cell to cell (described as a synapse) and these synapses provide both instruction and feedback (just as you know when you pinch yourself).

If there is an imbalance with the instruction and feedback process, then the muscle tissue may lose some of its capacity and tone (as in the one sided aspect I found with PD). Akin to this, when the feedback from a 'motion' instruction was delayed, or a doubling of the feedback synapses occured, due to the damage nerve tissues, this resistance and surge aspect, resulted in my limbs not extending to where they were asked to extend and or extending beyond, consequently unbalancing my whole body.

You mention your back, and my back is problematic too. However, when it first occurred a couple of years ago, I received some very good physiotherapy that reduced unwanted spinal pressure on the central nerve and extending nerve branches, along with treatment and exercises to rejuvenate muscle tone towards addressing the physical tonal imbalances.

I cannot remember the last time 'of being in the occasional fall situation,' to the point where I now go for the occasional cycle ride (short distances) and enjoy walks with my children.

I also drink more water and take Borage oil when feeling low in physical energy.
Please consult your doctor and neurologist first as the above may not be suitable for you or certain conditions (including conditions that may be associated with Parkinson's Disease)

With best wishes and kind regards
I forgot to mention that my physiotherapist specialises in sport injuries and tends not to employ, the hard stretch, strain and tough exercise technique.
thankyou you both for your post,:smile:
I'll second the advice about getting exercise for back rehab. At one point I used to lose about eight weeks a year in bed because of bad backs. One forty-five minute session in the pool with a therapist made a huge difference. Had to get to the pool three times a week, at least, to do the exercises, but they did the trick. I then had an inspired Pilates teacher, and I learned a lot more about psoas muscles and core stability from her, and now as long as I can keep the psoas reasonably stretched, I do ok.

Hope things get better. You sound a bit browned off!