Family member in denile of REM

HI I tried to write about this problem a few days ago, went to post it and all my work went some wear else, even though I had saved it.
Any way I was diagnosed with PD 2010 last year my brother who is 7 years older was also diagnosed with PD, now as I am a member of Parkinson’s UK I had collected all the mags and research mags, so I sent these over to my brother to look at. Phoned a few weeks later" " Hi D how are you" well I can’t stop these tremor’s said D "have you got a PD Nurse “not sure what one of those is” I explained yet again more about PD. Now I also explained to his wife some of the conditition’s but she did not want to know, they live in Lincolnshire so I’m sure that he would get good care from “Pilgrims” hospital.

The other day I phoned “how are you D” jumped out of bed the other night cut my head and shoulder I 'm sure that I was chasing this bloke. Don’t say any more you have REM I explained what it was told D to go and see his doctor straight away. “Nah its a one off said D” NO! NO! its not said me. but to cut a long story short, my brother is in denial also his wife is in denial because she seems as though she doe’s not want to know. I no it’s cruel but I know and you no REM will not go away with out meds help. I can’t do any more for D till he accepts that he has Parkonson’s and REM.

Hello mary1947 I have RSD. Mine will over power the medicine to stop it from happening. So I guess I can give my advise.
I would focus on your brothers wife about the facts about the disorder. IMO speak to his wife in private.
My wife an RN in the USA never heard of it. But she was on the receiving end of punches and kicks. She also new I jumped off building and hit the floor allot. Enough said on this part.
Best advise is to stress the injuries that result from the disorder. I would make it a point to let her know that you can have it many years before one gets PD. (also not all get PD that have it) With this point mentioned. Stress many with untreated RSD require ER visits because of head injuries and broken bones (Rem person and Sleep partner) Make the PD low key and don,t bring it up. Say to her it won’t hurt to have it checked. Better than physical injury. Tom

so sorry for the late reply but thanks for the advice it is very difficult when it’s my brothers second wife and she to has health problems. i will try ans speak with her but she doe’s not want to know all i can do is keep trying hopefully before any thing serious happens . Once again thanks.

Hope you can make some headways with his wife. This week I fought an introder in my REM. I sleep in a recliner zipped up in a sleeping bag. I didn’t zip it up. I was able to get out of the chair and move 3 meters to a lamp broke it and bumped my arm on the corner of a cabinet. I must have just missed striking my head on the corner. From the looks of my arm. If it was my temple the outcome could of been much worse. Send her my post. My wife is a registered nurse and she does everything to avoid getting injured or me getting injured. Tom PWP and P with RSD!

thanks Omahatom have spoke again to my brother and he’s going to speak to his doctor so hopefully every thing will be ok.
My husband has REM so i understand what you are going though he doe’s not have PD and he has had REM for about 10 years to took our GPs ages to agree form him to see someone at the hospital. We changed GPs 3 times 1st one told us to have singe beds 2nd told us to sleep in separated room 3rd sent hubby to hospital. So now with meds its under control.