Family with PD symptoms, too!

Our daughter is 47 and it seems every week I can identify another PD symptom in her! Well that may be an exaggeration, but you get what I mean. I am beginning wish I were dead, rather than to see one of my kids get this, (from me!) though that wouldn’t cure her. My husband has Essential tremors but now he even identifies his newer symptoms, over the past 5 years or so - as PD. I believe he is right. I have been diagnosed since 2008 but I had identified it over 10 years before. My Grandfather had “creeping paralysis” he died in 1951 when I was 5. Was that PD? Is this inherited? If so and if hubby has it too - our poor 4 kids, 9 grand-kids and 3 g grand-kids. Jesus help us! Sorry, just had to get it said! Thanks.

Hi @Jaffy

I am sorry to hear how much you are all struggling, hear is a link to our information on Parkinsons in families - I hope this clarifies some things for you, however please do ring our helpline on 0808 800 0303 to talk thing through with our expert advisers. Please remember you are not alone through this and we are here to help.

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I just found it on the internet: creeping paralysis is the same as paralysis agitans which is the same as PD! I have wondered for years and asked doctors. Now I know.

Hi Jaffy,
Really so sad reading about the situation you expressed. Though I have no experience on PD or creeping paralysis, I believe modern medical science is now in an advance level and many irrecoverable diseases are now been possible to recover. So, don’t be so frustrated. Try to consult with specialists. Hope they will be able to provide the best treatment or advice.
Pray for you all to overcome the situation.

Thank you.