Fao titan

Hi Titan.

I wanted to send you a private email message regarding the availability of PD nurses in your/my area.

Would you mind adjusting your settings on here to allow me to do this?

Don't worry if you'd rather not, but I thought it would be best for both of us if I didn't reveal exact locations on a public forum!


Kathy :smile:
Hi Titan.

I'll take that as a "no", then!! :confused:

I was just trying to help, because you said that you don't have access to a PD nurse. The only reason that I wanted to email you privately was because I didn't want to give my PD nurse's details on here without their permission. That's all. Nothing sinister, I promise!

I don't know whereabouts in Cheshire you live, but I live in Cheshire too, and my neurologist referred me to a PD nurse team in Liverpool. They are quite helpful and knowledgeable, and one of them even came to see me at home when I was first diagnosed because it was difficult for me to get to the centre where they are based.

They haven't been able to sort out all the problems that I've been having with my meds, and to some extent their hands are tied because they have to liaise with my neurologist, but it's still good to be able to talk to a medical professional who is approachable and doesn't patronise me!

I don't know whether they would deal with the area where you live, but if you would like their details, please send me a private message via this site, and I'll get back to you.

Hope this helps.

Kathy :smile:
Hi Kathy C,
Sorry i missed this posting,pleased we have caught up now on other threads.Hope everything is good with you.Everthing ticking along this end,each day a busy one.I think its good to fill each day as much as possible as long as its not too stressful.Chat again,got a house to clean.
All the best