Far Infra Red Sauna

We're thinking of getting an FIR Sauna as I believe it will be both relaxing and beneficial for the stiffness in my neck and thigh muscles. However, these cabins are known to have a detoxifying effect and there are warnings about using them if you are on medication or have certain conditions. Parkinson's isn't mentioned as a problem but I wondered if anyone had any experience of these Saunas and whether the detoxifying effect will affect the absorption of medication.
Many thanks

Hi there.

I am very skeptical of the word 'detoxify' in a piece of writing supplied to you by anyone who stands to make money out of you. It really means nothing in the scientific world but , if you can find me some evidence . I will change my mind. Your body can handle it if you have good liver and kidney function.

Also, there is a relationship between PD and skin cancer. I know because I had to see a skin doctor today who gave me an all clear after 3 years of struggling with it. I have no idea if IR can play havoc or not!

Keep your money in your pocket, methinks

Best wishes


I think that a conventional sauna is ok. I m planning to buy one.one or two times a week for relaxation it is enough.the most important is: are you happy to have it, yes? So do not hesitate.