Fast cars filled with rocket fuel

The… Parkinson’s Formula D…hopa Racers.

I have been on Duodopa (or as i prefer to call it Formula D rocket fuel ) for nearly 3 years. In my opinion duodopa is a fantastic 21st century drug treatreatment but is being adminersted by equipment that belongs in the 1980"s. iDuodopa a fast acting complex drug treatment for advanced parkinson’s can transform your life. However beware because there are some serious downsides. Taking Duodopa is a bit like giving Lewis Hamilton (the Mercedes F1 driver) a 1985 grandprix racing car and then filling it with rocket fuel.

The NHS and parkinsons uk need to bring more pressure to bear on the manufacturer to reinvest some of their profits, into improving the technology and quality control of the equipment that adminerters duodopa. It would cost a fraction of the overall cost of duodopa treatment but could massively enhance the consistency of duodopa thus making it both better and safer, and that’s a win win amongst parkinson’s drug treatments.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion on Duodopa. I have passed your comment onto my wider team and will explore this further with them. I’ll get back to you in due course with their feedback.

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