Fast progression of symptoms

Hi,First notice left side arm weakness early sept this year,my symptoms seem to be progressing very fast,am now very unsteady on my feet,weakness now spreading to right side.I am having a DatScan tomorrow to finally confirm the PD,am not on any medication yet,has anyone experienced this fast progression?

Also my index finger on my left hand is now permantly hooked over...has anyone experienced this?

Any advice welcome :bulb:
Hi. I was diagnosed nearly one year ago and have similar symptoms in my left side with virtually no movement in my arm and hand. However after being on medication since last April I finally find my walking quicker and less painful. So hang on in there.

Have just had the delight of filling in a tax form (or at leastb my husbnd has on my behalf) - what a nightmre. And we are told to avoid stress!
Hi Denise I was dx last year All my left side I was sure that everything was getting worse rapidly
Once the nuero got my meds on track things improved greatly The first months are the worse
My fingers are not too bad but left thumb has a mind of its own
As K G said hang on in there [::biggrin:
All the best Adrian
Hi Denise, yes progression was really fast for me too and I got quite scared. As said before the meds will help you alleviate some or all your symptoms...stick in there, stay positive even when the going gets tough. Vanessa
Hi Denise, As previous posters have said hang on in there, once meds start working it gets far easier. 6 yrs ago i couldnt put my socks on but now even when meds are due, apart from being in, have no problems. It will get easier.

I assume by your we can welcome you to the 40s club, there are a lot more of out there than you think.

Take care

hi denise.
i have similar problem. starting with my left arm not swing and left feet dragging on the floor this problem start 4 yrs back now associated with lot of difficulties
i am waiting for good day with wonderful medicine i am 46
Hiya all, I was diagnosed in April of 2011 and was on Requip xl 14mg and really feeling poorly on it, apart from feeling sick most of the time and eating was torture! I just felt so dizzy and off balance, I have not been well enough to go out alone for months and when with someone to hang onto could only manage 30mins before needing to come home.I was so worried at the speed things seemed to be progressing.I saw my consultant yesterday and had a good long chat with him and it's his feeling that it's the Requip that has been making me feel so ill and at the same time isn't giving me any relief from the pd. I now am being weaned off and started on a L doper medication, I have mixed feelings about all this obviously I am pleased that it's not the pd going at a break neck speed but had hoped not to have to go on L doper so soon. The tablets I am starting are called co-careldopa 25/100 I wondered if anyone else had had the same problem and what anyone could tell me about the new med I am on.
Would be pleased of any feedback....beeny x
I am posting this here just in case it is useful (especially as I often miss items through the general layout of the forum) - Hope it helps

Having returned from a consultation with my Neurologist I am smiling as I recall the expression on his face and his words 'the movement is very good,' while he put me through the usual walking and hand co-ordination exercises used to ascertain progression in PD.

More than this, he seemed amazed that, I have not needed the use of thermal underwear as in previous years, my general all round improvements, and accordingly with encouraging words, almost insistent, that I continue with my evening exercise routine I developed towards decompression, alignment and health of the spine.

And finally, while not apparently moved by the mention of the Borage and Coconut oils I take, he noted down the fact that I made no request for medication previously taken to relax the cramps, and I was very pleased when he wrote to prescribe Stalevo at various strengths; to accommodate the fluctuating requirement levels, providing me with the ability to adapt the dose to suit physical need.


While I realise it may not work for everyone, for those interested, the exercises I developed are described here.

Hi Beeny,

I was disgnosed 10 yeas ago. I was reluctant to take any medication at all and managed without for three years. I then started Requip - this was ok but I found that the effectiveness and side effects depended on the brand. I now always have one particular brand which is manufactured in Poland. They do sometimes make me feel a bit sick but nothing I can't put up with. Four years ago I started on L dopa and I can honestly say it was like a magic wand. My symptoms were so much improved and have remained stable on the same dose ever since, but I do take Requip as well. I am still on the lowest dose, which is 12.5/50mg so the one you have been started on is the next one up I guess. I do hope you soon start to feel the benefits and begin to get your life back. I certainly have no regrets about starting on l-dopa, in fact I wish I had started sooner. People cant believe I am better now than I was 8 years ago.
Best wishes
Hello Janey
Thank you so much for you reassuring msg. I am so glad to hear you are doing so well I have always been a fighter and know I have it in me to make the best I can of this illness but it's so difficult when feeling so ill all the time.Like you I have been reluctant to start on any meds at all and when I did can honestly say I felt worse not better but am hoping now things will get a lot better. I wish you good luck in you own personal fight.

Beeny xx

Hi key girl 

 just getting into this forum and reading this messages from 5 years ago , 

just like you I am weak on the left side and not doing very well at walking , I look like someone that plays a tambourine and getting ready to join in the river dance , how are you doing now? As you got pd before I did hope this message finds you well as we have the same symptoms   Ps it's hard not to have stress as if it's not tax there's always something else to wind us up  o am 56 dx 1year ago thank god I have a good wife and 2sons

take care all the best 

Ian xx