Fasticulations in Parkinson?

Hello everyone, my husband (45 years old) has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s based on a positive Dat Sacan and a series of symptoms - stiffness, slight slowness of movement, hypobrachia, etc, he hardly has any tremors and the few are in his fingers when he takes certain positions-. However, a week ago he started having fasciculations in various parts of his body - hands, arm, legs, neck, etc. His neurologist says that the fasciculations are not characteristic of Parkinson’s disease.
I would like to know if people with Parkinson’s have ever noticed fasciculations and what your neurologist thinks about it. Sorry for my English, I can’t find an active forum in my language. Thank you very much for your help.

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I have experienced muscular fasciculations for nearly two decades now, and was told they were nothing to worry about and wholly benign. Parkinsons has developed much more recently so I know that in my case Parkinsons was not the cause.

But if you are concerned, by all means speak to a Parkinsons nurse or GP.