Fasting and cell regeneation

did anybody who saw the Horizon program Eat less and live longer have any feed back that fasting can help cell regeneration in patients with parkinsons
Hello a parks.

I saw that Horizon programme and wondered... It sounded to me (not a scientist of any sort) that the new brain cells that result from fasting are a stress reaction, rather like the excess of fruit on my lovely plum tree before it died of spilled wood preserver poisoning. Still it would be worth investigating.

Personally I like fasting so might give it a go to prevent further deterioration of my poor brain. My husband however is the one with parkinson's and is most unlikely to undergo any kind of austerity unless he is tied up.
Hi, I've just posted the link to this documentary on another topic. I found the documentary extremely interesting. Well worth watching.

Here is the link again for anyone interested
I may well be wrong, and my knowledge way out of date, but my understanding is that once brain cells are non-functioning then that is exactly what they are -non - functioning. But, various techniques may enable different neurological pathways to take over the role of the deficient one as an alternative to taking medications . Hence exercise, diet and, dare I say it , positive attitude (at which I fully admit I am not particularly good) may help with neurological conditions.

I watched the Horizon Programme and the link kindly provided by Cutiepie. I remain unconvinced that an experiment in which a mouse genetically engineerd to have a lower level of dopamime than an ordinary mouse ( and am confused as to how that level is determined) will eat more and as a consequence have a lower life expectancy is relevant to the treatment of pd.

I suspect that most people are aware of the "high" that is brought on by fasting for any length of time. Once the "hunger pangs" have abaited there is a "feel good " factor . Ask any anorexic.

I remain open to critisim and factual correction
Hi annebernadette, this link explains in more depth

Oh....take a look at the comments, they make an interesting read...
Thank you Cutiepie. I remain unconvinved, but will take an other more objective view when I am less tired and less hungry!
Found the link in Guardian very interesting
Would be interesting to hear a medical view.
as is none evasive it must worth a try.
Just read this thread, I started fasting one day a week after watching the michael Moseley programme on bbc, he is a doctor. Have been doing this for about 6 weeks. Have found 'the antibiotic crisis' by Leon chaitow by chance in a charity shop. He is a naturopath, first one to be appointed as a consultant in the nhs. He talks of the benefits of fasting in relation to free radicals. I have found it interesting to fast, the focus of the day is very different. Whether it is doing me good I can only hope.