how do you do it without meds
If your fasting to develop keystones you will have to be careful.they are dangerous and can kill yet new research I readv is that when they go to the brain they start to jrepair the deAd cell that are reasposible for pd
All the beef. John
Hi Gordon, I fasted for several months last year, this involved having breakfast then just water or herbal tea till breakfast the following day, it was just one day a week. I started doing this after watching Dr. Michael Moseley's programme on BBC, he found there were health benefits to the brain. I carried on with my medication as usual. I've also just posted a thread about the benefits of coconut oil for the brain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
thanks V. I will check it out although if I dont eat with my meds I find they are hard on my stomach
Hi Gordon

I had read that Sinemet was better absorbed into the blood stream if you took it on an empty stomach - so I did - big mistake! I ended up on the floor for about 40 minutes or so and as I live alone it was very frightening. My blood pressure had dropped very quickly. So I don't think that fasting would suit me at all but of course many other people may be able to tolerate fasting.


Hi i take sinemet too, i didn't find it a problem when fasting, strange how we are all so different! :smile:
hi P. I wake at 7 take 2 sinemet breakfast at 8 and than take ropinirole about 9. I have fainted getting out bed too quickly if you move in stages vertical you should be alright Ive never fainted since .Ive got a wee blender and I put coconut oil, olive oil, banana, yoghurt and maple syrup in it throw it out and have a fry. no the blended mix is nice enough does any one know of any thing else I could put in it?
Don't tempt me Gordon!!

All that sugary stuff ain't good for diabetics you know! :fearful:
Is it fasting when you consume all your carbs and proteins into a single drink?

Also BE WARNED, wear safety goggles AFTER reading the ingredients. I thought there was a comma between coconut and oil, disintegrating the blender, wrecking the kitchen and how I wasn't killed I dont know.

Also what will the coconut oil do to my unhealthy cholesterol levels?
hi Gordon
just to say i asked for the non-fasting part of this discussion to be moved to a separate thread.
Hi turnip,
I've moved the relevant posts into a new thread called, 'Milk consumption and Parkinson's'. Do let me know if there are any problems.

thanks ezinda, if only the software were as good as the ezindaware (sounds off - saccharine poisoning) :grin: