Father newly diagnosed. Med timing.

Hi there. My Father has just been diagnosef at 69 with Parkinsons and has been given Sinemet Plus 125mg tablets. Now he has been told that he has to take (bare with me here lol) half a tablet once a day then half twice a day then half 3 times a day and then basically the same with whole tablets till he is on 4 whole tablets a day. What I’m confused about is that apparently the doctor never told him when to take the different doses.

We had planned to do it at 7AM. Then 7AM and 7PM. Then 7AM, 1PM and 7PM. And then finally 7AM, 11AM, 3PM AND 7PM. But we are unsure if changing from 1PM to two doses when he needs to at 11AM and 3PM will cause issues. It is very confusing having to keep regular timings while also adding the amount of halves and wholes he has to take.

Anyone had the same issues or any tips?

Thank you and sorry for the awful layout of my question lol


Hi Nemo88,

Sorry to hear about your father’s recent diagnosis, this does sound very confusing. It’s certainly worth going back to the doctor for more guidance on when these medications should be taken. If the situation is urgent, please feel free to call our Helpline advisers on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm. They will be more than happy to offer you advice and support.

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Sounds very similar to my progress.
I’m 75, diagnosed with PD early last year. Now on Sinemet 25/100 (I guess that’s what you meant :slight_smile: )
I started off with one tablet twice a day for two weeks, followed by three times a day for 2 weeks. This on 12.5/50 tablets. (The oval yellow ones used to break in half when removing from foil packaging! The round ones are much better - unless, of course, you’re instructed to take halves.) No timing was stated so I just started on 8a.m.; 2p.m. 8 p.m. After 100 of the half-strength (12.5/50) I went onto 25/100 - still at 3 times a day. After 100 of those I went on to 4 a day, 8am, 12 noon, 4pm, 8 pm. That was at August last year & I’m still on the same dose & timings.
Hope this is useful & happy to answer any queries you think I may be able to help with.

Cheers, Bill.

I had to wean myself on to Sinemet slowly, building up to 4 a day which I take at 8am 12pm 4pm and 8pm. A friend suggested it should probably be spread out more but when I checked with a PD nurse I was told the timings were ok as you don’t need to be medicated over night.

Hello, i’m 48 and was the same taking half tablets up to the 4 I take now.
now I take 25/100 sinemet plus 4 times a day and Rasagline in the morning as an extra boost. Being self employed I need all the strength in the mornings. I take a sinemet controlled release at night due to inner tremers at night. hope this helps.

Thank you all for your help. It really has put us at ease! At the moment he is taking them an hour before he has food. I assume this is a good approach?