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My father has atypical Parkinson’s and his health has declined rapidly. He lives abroad so I’ve been unable to see him until now (strict Covid rules). He can’t speak, although he tries, is now wheelchair bound but spends most of his time lying in bed.

The health care is limited where he is and I hate to see him suffering and so uncomfortable. I have a list of things that effect him daily and am wondering whether anyone can recommend anything for them?

  • when he wakes he finds his ankles are pressing against each other.

  • his knees are always pressing against each other. They currently have a small cushion that they put in between.

  • he sleeps on his back with his mouth open and wakes with a very dry mouth.

  • he struggles to cough up phlegm from his throat which makes it hard for him to breath, also causing bubbling when he tries to speak. My friend has recommended hyosine patches.

  • his feet are so cold, blue and swollen. His wife says she struggles to put socks on him. He gets cold very easily

  • my dads wife and carer struggle moving him. The wheelchair is lower than the bed, so they have to lift him up to move him. They also struggle getting him from his manual wheelchair to his electric which I feel is stopping them from taking him out.

  • his bum gets sore sitting in his wheelchair and he also tends to fall forwards and to one side.

I’m not sure if there are existing remedies to these problems. Would be great if people can recommend.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. @Rrice. This is such a tough situation for everyone. Living away from him means that you aren’t able to get as involved as you’d like to be. I don’t know where your dad lives or what medical support he does receive but observing this must be very difficult for you. This is a very friendly and supportive space and I hope that some of our members will be along soon to offer some helpful comfort and coping techniques for your dad.

If you think your dad’s wife and the carer would be open to you doing what you can from your own home, then our helpline advisers may be able to offer other suggestions for you to pass along. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303. Is there a Parkinson’s organisation in his country? If so, you could get in touch with them too for more local advice and support.

I wish you all the best with this and hope you get some answers soon
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Hi Rrice
I’m no expert and my partner has only recently been diagnosed, so I’m still learning a lot about Parkinson’s, however there are a few things that might help.
Orthopaedic pillows will help with his knees and ankles. These are shaped to separate knees and ankles and can be found online or through mobility shops.
Also get him a blow up ring to sit on in his wheelchair this help sores heal by taking the pressure of and hopefully stop any more.
For his feet, buy a foot warmer. These can be found online and they are like large sleepers but you put both feet into them. They are made of warm material but can be plugged in as well, like an electric blanket.
Hope this helps in some small way.

Bw Jules

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