Fatigue and low power of concentration

Hello! i am a newly diagnosed 54 year old male not yet on meds and this is my first post.  my key symptoms are day long fatigue and very limited concentration powers when reading.  do any of the meds help with either or both of these issues (my research thus far says not) and what have fellow forum users experienced and done to ease such problems? thanks in advance!


Actually a lot of the meds cause daytime tiredness. I have a couple of suggestions.

How much do you sleep at night? What quality of sleep do you get? Improve your sleep and it might help in the day.

Another thing you can look at is diet. Eating appropriately can help alertness,


thanks Poeticwarrior!  perversely i am sleeping better than i have done for many years and am getting roughly 8 hours a night.  what dietary tips do you have for beating the fatigue?

Sorry not been on here for a few days. Can try eating small but often-things like blueberries might help

A word of caution about the small and often advice -- don't let it turn into day long snacking. The weight can pack on steadily and contribute to fatigue

Surreybirder, you're getting eight hours sleep a night (I can only dream of that - well, actually I can't...wink) which makes me wonder if there's not something else going on that's making you tired. Have you had any blood tests done recently? Are you losing or gaining weight?

Apart from the fatigue and lack of concentration, do you have any other PD symptoms? Those two conditions alone seem to be an odd diagnosis of Parkinson's.

But to answer your original question, I've tried three PD meds so far, and they all (to varying degrees) stop me sleeping so I'm tired a lot of the time. My PD nurse suggested Sinemet (L-Dopa) to help with the energy levels, but even that's not helped.

Diet-wise, make sure you get enough protein and lots of fruit and veg. It'll make you feel better physically so might help combat the tiredness.

8 hrs blimey o Riley i wish and i have been stuck on sleepers since 6 months after dx. Prior to that i was fetting 2hrs and still working full time. I get so tired after 3months or so my body just takes 10hrs due to being completely exhausted. I am afraid fatigue is part and parcel of this vile condition. BB.


Arnt blueberries just diuretics(urine)?. have to agree if you could cure such things as fatigue then you could cure PD itself, some Symptoms we are stuck with that make up PD, a blood test might reveal a lack of  vitamin D?.

thanks to everyone for their input and apologies for the delay in responding due to - you've guessed it! - extreme fatigue!  as to tabbycat ( great name!!) i did have acutely low potassium levels a couple of months ago due to blood pressure drugs but the level is back to normal now but there may be some residual issues there perhaps; i've had a datscan and that combined with a weak shoulder led to the dx of PD

off to my first local PD group meeting tonight so will be asking around there too

Hi Surreybirder

my hubby has suffered with fatigue and low motivation since diagnosis age 43 2 years ago, neurologist/ parkinsons nurse have been trying various meds and with most recent additions he now feels really well, for the most part fatigue is no longer a problem nor lack of motivation, he says that he has not felt at all well since diagnosis until this point when he tells revived again, maybe some meds would help you? Have you a parkinsons nurse that you could consult?


I really like cellvamp supplement! I take it in the middle of the day when I get that mid-day loss of focus and tiredness. It really helps me get back to work with the focus that I need to make it through the workday!