Fatigue and medication


Hi, I was diagnosed with Parkinson just before Christmas 2016, funny I don't recall putting that on my letter to Santa.

Anyway I am not currently on medication for the condition, but I wondered if anyone had noticed any improvement with fatigue once they started on medication. Obviously I will go through the proper channels before going down that route,  but I feel that  the  fatigue is getting worse, and it's very frustrating as I am used to being active.I have an appointment next week with my nurse, so will obviously raise it with her

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Hi Lottiesdad, I started meds in October and have slowly increased to 8mg of Ropinerol. Like you I had certain periods of the day where fatigue would wipe me out. I have found that with the increase I have a bit more energy. I'm not recommending my meds for you as some people do not get on with Ropinerol at all. At the moment it's working but my nurse and consultant are monitoring its effectiveness. As others will tell you it's trial and error as one size does not fit all! Hope it goes well with the nurse.


Thanks for that, its good to know that things may improve a little, at least for the short term,like you say one size does not fit all, but anything positive is good

thanks very much  DivineR

Hi, I also think diet and exercise play a part in energy levels. I'm sure you know this but I found adding a lot more berries, beetroot, seeds and walnuts to my diet helped. Yoga and walking keeps mind and body healthy. That's not to say I don't cheat or have off days but finding what keeps you sane helps.


Hi i have been dx for 7 years but had symptoms 12 years.  I find the fatigue the hardest thing to deal with, i spent years trying to fight it but now I realise that it happens when my meds are wearing off.  I try to make sure that i keep the times that i take my medication are regular so that i don't get that terrible dip. I am now kinder to myself and if i have to lie down and 'charge my batteries' I do.



Hi JuJu, sounds sensible to me. My hubby always says pace yourself. I have always tended to want to get something done asap and often it doesn't have to be. I have started setting my alarm for my morning med at 8 to get into a routine as they say it makes a huge difference. 

Have a lovely weekend, 



I agree that taking meds same time every day helps. Found that tip on forum and it has proved invaluable. I'm like you Lexi, I always have just one more thing to do before I sit down. I'm trying to change my bad habits.


Not always easy is it. I don't have that many symptoms to deal with at the present time, apart from the right arm tremor but the madopar seems to keep it in check fairly well at mo. However, the tiredness creeps up on me more these days. It's I suppose getting that balance with what you can do and when you can do it. After my work shifts I've usually had enough so not that much gets done!! It's there for another day. 




 I have noticed lately, what i intend to say or write or type isn't always what i actually say or write or type I only became aware of it when i read back one day what i had written. I do wonder if there are other things I dont notice but others do?.

I suffer from fatigue it maybe part of it, maybe my brain is actually fatigued and not just my body?.



 i also wonder over time will i notice what i dont notice or care because i am so fatgued by it?.

we battle as best we can

I agree Sea angler. Fatigue has a great effect on our actions. It's quite frustrating. I've now decided to do an online Spanish course as they say learning a language or instrument helps the brain cells. I don't think I can stretch to violin lessons. So Adios for now!