Here we go again!!! After a few days of respite IT returns....toothache in my joints,,especially my fingers,,extreme fatigue so that I daren't sit down or I fall asleep. So slow and rigid I may as well be a stick,well I certainly fall like one. Drooling! I hate drooling:rolling_eyes::frowning::confused:and talking like I'm drunk...I WISH! Oh yes!..and I have to rush to the toilet:flushed::disappointed::flushed:Can't reach my feet and cry at everything. But other than that every thing is fine lol..:grin::laughing::laughing::stuck_out_tongue: I lied!!!

love neenag xxxx
Hi Neenag
It's early morning so i'm sleepless in Wiltshire again, and I've been grinding my teeth again.......and I just can't seem to settle to any of the things that used to interest me......
Are you talking about my husband .............

He is just the same except his pain is in the knee .

I have recently found that he seems much worse about an hour after he takes his Sinemet . Been taking things into my own hands and reduced them slowly .

He is still very slow stiff legs collapsing . But his drooling and dropping off and mental ability much improved .

Do you have any other illnessess
Hi Neenag Are you on Sinemet? I am on 62.5 x 4 three times a day plus Mirapexin and my side effects or symptoms (not sure which) are very similar to yours.

Wonder where all the emotion comes from -until d/x 18 months ago, I am sure I was quite stable but now in tears at the slightest thing.

It is so difficult to know what are the effects of the medication and which p/d.
Hi guys... I am only om 4mg ropinerol and 1mg azilect.. going to pd nurse to look at changing meds and see what happens. I dont have any other illness that I'm aware of,but,maybe some arthritis.
neenag xxx
:cry:It bothers me being waited on 24/7 by my wife . I'm on 100mg sinemet + 25mg Compresse three times a day . I cry over things which upset me and i drop off to sleep easily if i sit down . I'm male , 75 years old , but as yet my hair has not fell out .
The emotions are all over the place aren't they .
My husband is the same about all the things he needs me to do for him . Which are many ! .. I told him we have been married for 54 years and have been loving and caring for him since 1958 , hadn't he noticed before . lol

Obviously not as easy particulary at our age but there you go .. Wouldn't have it any other way ..

I am sure he would do his best for me if it were the other way around .
Think we need a group hug :grin::grin::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

love and BIG hugs neenag xxxxxx
:cry:Thanks Neenag , i need summat , probably a good cry .
hi neenag,gosh i do luv your forum name------neenag there sorry i just had to say it agin:laughing:you sound just like me neenag,i mite be chirpy on here,but were it comes from is deep with in me,i went to gps today and blubbered agin,emoutions all over the place,between my bad health,me moms bad health,and losing me friend to the floods last week,i feel doomed.fatigue though neenag i found is strange ,i dont no about anyone else if this happins with you to,you can get up one mornin and struggle big time,and then one day in the week stiff as a bored,but brains on a buzz and i wonna do so much things my mind could explode,but fatigue kicks in ,reality kicks in :rolling_eyes:
I have only been on this forum once before, and reading your chat has so cheered me up, if that is possible.
my husband has parkinsons and is in a lot of pain in his legs. I wish i could do something to receive the pain for him. they say its all part of the parkinson x:disappointed:
ali j and chestnut....firstly ali j i love how you phrase things.Ieven read your blog with an accent. you are always very wise and inspiring.. my name is nina but my boss says I nag if every thing is not in order at work. I even tell him off:laughing::laughing::laughing:hence neenag! one of my names is ninaggy nag nag lol :rolling_eyes:
chestnut thankyou for posting me.. it makes my day when someone replies. I only have you lot who understand. keep posting

neenag xxx
:laughing:neenag-ninaggy nag nag- luv it nina:smile:made me have a giggle that has before bed:smile:i never been called wise and inspirin before nina,but i could get use to it:wink:thankyou for the comment:smile:

chestnut,welcome to the forum,ive had pd for 11 half years now im 43 years old,i suffer also like your hubby with pain in my legs,it is rite all part of rottern pd,its the nerves im told by neuro,i always say there dancin around tonite when they drivin me nuts in middle of the nite,and blimy i dunna no bout him but itch up me shins sometimes,i can strach and strach till they bleed,agin nerves under the skin.ive been put on pregabalin for restless leg syndrome ,achey legs etc,may be this would be ideal for your hubbys legs to,worth a try:smile:
Hello Ali j My husband has had it since he was 49 he is now 67. he has been so brave but he finds he is find it difficult to keep smiling, but we do try. he has been on most of the meds by now and is now on Stalievo and pain killers from over the counter. he also has diabetes so not just one problem. but on this page you all sounded so up beat. it just had to log in and say you did make me smile. thank :smile:
big hugs :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:
Boy did I suffer rls. I used to cry in pain every night from 8pm to 12am.:disappointed::cry:what worked for me was to take 1 10/500mg tab codydramol regular through out the day,regardless . It stopped rls creeping on.If I do this Idont suffer ,,but if I forget!!!!!!:grin::grin::grin::grin::imp:[
hey!! I woke up gooooddd today:astonished::laughing::laughing:

love neenag xxx
i neenag,i carnt take them they interact with me mst,so im on 600ml pregablin for rsl,im glad to see all the :smile::smile:faces today from you,i think being on the forum ive made so many friends all in the same boat as one another,and we all surportin one another,which is great,i findin people are startin to open up more as well instead of holdin things back and makin them selfs ill,the community on puk are pullin togeather arnt they neenag:smile:i hope you have a good day to day,is the fatigue not to bad this mornin as well?:smile:
HI ali"comforter in the darkest times" j...:laughing::laughing::laughing:Am good today..well!! as good as as parky peeps can get.:smile::smile: my knees hurt a little and still tired but not as bad as usual..I took pregabalin but put on 2 stone:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:which I'm still struggling to lose..hence knees. I got addicted to tramadol and went cold turkey to get off it..now I know how a recovering drug addict felt on a come down! Am off to office for couple hours. had lazy morning:wink::wink:

love neenag xxx
hi neenag,when i went in hospital last april,i was very sick,and could not keep anyoral meds in me for a week and 3 days,it was awful,the only thing i had was a drip cus i was dehydrated,blood for the transfusion and andibitics,bein off all my meds all at once was hell,and took me a good while to get back on to them agin,with guidence from the dr,so i understand how cold turkey is as well.pray never agin.anyway neenag hope your day has gone well for you,and you never worked to hard:wink: