Hi, everyone, I'm trying to find out if fatigue is a major symptom of PD. I'm really suffering from it at present and carn't seem to shake it of. I'm an active person all the time and wish to carry this on but I'm finding it more and more difficult every day and it's making me feel crap. If it is? Do I see my GP or just suck it up? Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks chop chop

                      hello Chop Chop           

                                       My wife who has parkies suffers with fatigue most of the time her parkinsons nurse suggested to try co-enzyme Q10 , that they can work for some people . Unfortunately they do not work for her . I would phone your parkinsons nurse or the parkinsons  helpline and speak to one of their nurses

          Good luck    Billywhizz

Hello Chop Chop, I suffer a lot from fatigue - or I did till I upped my meds a few months ago. Gave me a great burst of energy which seems to be continuing. Worth checking if your nurse thinks you could be under-treated.

Best, Semele

Thanks, Semeie and Billywhizz. i will go and see the old doc. This last weekend has been Hell, i have never felt like this before and i know it will happen again but I'm ready for it now. I don't come on here much, I'm nervous about what some people say. Perhaps its just because I'm still a little frightened of what is to come in the future. Thanks guys. x. 


Someone posted on this topic over the weekend on Facebook as well. Read the responses. We've also produced an information sheet on Fatigue and Parkinson's. You can download it or order a copy. Either way, it is free of charge.

I hope it helps


Thanks Ezinda, the information sheet was really useful. I Also gave it to my boss as well as an aid to help her understand what I feel like and what I'm going through.


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