Fear and Parkinson's

I've just been bundled into a car and the doors have been locked; I'm trapped! The driver, dressed in anonymous black with a black balaclava, has started the car and is speeding down the street. I’m terrified! Tyres screech as we round a corner, going ever faster.

I glance out of the car window and strangely I see myself standing on the street, wearing a lab coat and doing the experiment I was planning before I had to quit my job. Before I can comprehend this image it becomes a blur as we race by. Further along the road I see myself having a romantic meal with a beautiful woman, followed by me wearing a morning suit at a wedding and then pushing a pram; but again we speed past. I look back as these images disappear in the distance.

I scream, "Parkinson's, STOP the car, I want to go back!!!" The car goes ever faster...

dr jonny