Feature about the real world of Parkinson's

Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel and I am in my final year at Sheffield University. For one of my last projects I have the task of producing an in-depth feature on the subject of my choice. I have settled on something close to my heart - Parkinson's.

My grandmother died of Parkinson's when I was about six years old so I didn't really understand what was going on and the memories remain very difficult for my mother in particular.

All of this leads me to this post, I am asking (as I believe this would be the bet place to do this) for people to share their stories about Parkinson's. This can be at any stage from diagnosis or what it is like living with Parkinson's or someone close to you who has Parkinson's.

While I understand the subject matter maybe difficult your experiences would really help me be better informed about the 'real side' of Parkinson's.

For anyone who wishes to share their stories, please end your comment with 'OK', otherwise anyone else is completely free to get involved in what I hope can be a friendly discussion.

Thank you, Daniel.
Hi Dan,
Thanks for this. Your project sounds really interesting.

This forum is really a community where peoeple who are affected by Parkinson's can share support and information about the condition.

We do sometimes post opportunities but where people want to conduct research or studies, we ask that they contact my colleague Hannah in the research team.

Hannah can take a look at your research proposal and make sure that it is suitable to publicise here or elsewhere in the charity. She has a short process for this. You can contact her at [email protected]