Fed up sleeping half the day

Hi everyone I was diagnosed last September, and have a problem with needing to rest most afternoons, it is frustrating because I am wasting my life, I could be doing things of interest or work, but get totally taken out by this fatigue, I have been advised to increase my medication, but I think it is the medication that is causing it, if I do not rest in the afternoon it catches up with me the next day , what to do is the question.

I’m exactly the same, diagnosed a year ago and seem to be permanently knackered. Still trying to find a solution. Like you said its actually debilitating and totally dictates your life.

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I’m the same too. X x x

It is a real problem, I want to do things in the afternoon but cannot until I have a rest, then I have got about 3 hours, have dinner, go for a walk if I can, then ready to sit down again, any one got any ideas

My fatigue tends to be constant, I wake up knackered and stay the same all day. I am able to exercise etc but everything is a real effort and takes alot of motivation to do. Not a good situation, by far my worst PD symptom, everything else I can cope with.

I was put on levadopa and ropinerol, and found myself falling asleep most afternoons. Stoping ropinerol solved the problem for me. That was two years ago, my fatigue is getting worse, but the sleepiness has largely gone.

Thats interesting, I am on Requip XL 8mg only (ropinirole). Dont think its an option for me to stop taking it though. However fatigue was a problem for me prediagnosis so not so sure it could be the meds. I know one thing though, it p****s me off…

Hello everyone,
Does anybody think it could be low blood pressure?
I take Requip XL 6mg and of late the only thing that has changed is my BP is down

Hi Malc, hope your well my friend, not sure if low BP is a parkinson’s thing or medication. I know my PD nurse asks me about it and checks everytime I see her. Perhaps you need to see your nurse. I check my own regularly and its fine ish, probably a little higher than I would like if anything.
On the fatigue front, I’m at a loss, I mention it everytime I see my neuro, nurse and GP but dont get any answers. Just got to keep battling on. If I am honest I think diet has something to do with it so trying to at least curb my sugar intake, I do have a sweet tooth.

Hi to you both, hope you are well, I have my blood pressure checked every time I the GP, I have discussed my fatigue with my consultant and nurse, but all they do is recommend I take higher dosage, I try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise when not asleep, but still feel tired.

Hi Marc, yes its a big problem, I think its just one of those things some people dont get it, some people do. I just get told to pace myself. I’m not exactly putting a shift in so can’t go any slower. I would like to say it could be the drugs but for me it was a problem prior to my official diagnosis. Although its worst nowadays.

Especially depressing on social occassions when all you want to do is get your head down.

Hi Marc, It was a thought so I just threw my 10pence worth in.
Good luck and best wishes

Hi Wildrover, I have sent you an update on our fishing thread.

Hi Marc

I was diagnosed 6 years ago. I still work 7 days a week running my pub where I’m also a full time chef. Can’t sell it so I’m stuck making the best of it. My issue is that I often get up from 2 till 4 in the morning as I can’t settle. I then find myself needing to sleep when we shut the pub in the afternoon. Sunday’s is worst as soon as I finish lunch service I’m worn out. We have no life outside the pub. If I sell it I will just about have enough to buy a small house but can’t claim benefits as I’m self employed. At 60 with Parkinson’s whose going to employ me. I put my sleep issue down to stress. I guess everyone with Parkinson’s has stress not knowing what the future holds.

Thankyou,your imput was great, I wish you all the best, we have to keep going, enjoy your weekend.

Thankyou for your response, you are an inspiration, and I wish you all the best for the future, I hope things get better, I desperately need to work for all kinds of reasons, and although for different reasons, you have to, I can understand your dilemma, and I get the need to rest, I do two shifts a week, and I am shattered, all the best.