Fed up!

just had a late sunday lunch at my local pub and i am well pi.....!!! off at been looked at :cry:sorry i have had 2 glasses of wine but just as i went 2 the loo i get a bad tremor and 2 top it off i drag my leg then i bump into the table i wish i had have 2 bottles not just 2 glasses .......
So,if people stare either take no notice , or, just say " I am so sorry, but I have got Parkinson's ."I have had it nearly forty years. And if it bothers people , tough , I didn't ask to have it. Sometimes if I was really fed up of people's ignorance , or complete lack of understanding I have been known to say. "We'll, I have Parkinson's, I don't know what your problem is. Or , you could stay locally where people know you and understand. Ignorance is their problem, not yours.
Hello and Blue Angel.Helen my Son in Law took me to see a really c..p film today I did not want to see it but as you will know there are certain protocols to be observed in family life so I went, and endured endured DYSKINESIC
on and on.,when the show ended I stood up and made a bee line for the exit,
Now I cant be sure what happened next but suddenly I was on my knees, now I know what every one looking at me thought, they thought I was drunk, I felt sad ashamed
embarrassed ,two of the cinemas security staff approached looking to make a name for themselves, but before I could react my Son in Law who is a Police Constable
intervened and told everyone of my affliction, well I don't know which was worse
the onlookers seeing a drunk bloke or seeing a bloke with PD,however attitudes
changed and much assistance was forthcoming people looked sympathetic instead of
disgusted,so I would say if its irritating you people looking at you when severely
dyskinesic, tell them to be reassured you are ok and when the APDs kick in you will be fine, one thing I would say though is try and stay away from alcohol
as it worsens the effect BLACKHEART has upon your system, you in effect invite
the pig that is PD to batter you into submission, its on par with inviting a rapist or murderer into your home when you are least able to resist. Please take
care, I know I might sound like a old git"well I am really" but Ive been there
done that as far as PD is concerned . I am of course not exempt to annoyance
at times I was in my Solicitors a couple of weeks ago and a young mother asked the Receptionist to remove me from the waiting room as I was Pi..ed, nice eh but
it was worsened by the receptionist coming over and checking,this is a firm I have
done business with for over 35 yrs,I rest my case.
Kindest Regards Fedex
Hello helen33, sorry about the large DYSKINESIA ,that inserted itself on the last post ,I sometimes think this little Loptap haaas aahh miiiind ov hits owen,
sorry a bit of silliness creeping in there.
Best Wishes Fed:smile: