Fed up

hi all,
Today is my misserable day. When you retire from work because you have PD you think that things will be easier but how wrong could I be. I retired in Oct.2010 and since then I have been checked out because the GP. thought I had had a mini stroke but luckily all the tests came back negative so as if that wasnt worrying enough I now have another womans problem that needs checking out because it could be suspicious. It just seems one worry after another and then to crown it all my back went off 3 days ago so that is really uncomfortable. All in all I am fed up today!:cry:
I know exactly how you feel Wifit... not that it helps you! After having heart op cancelled for another 2 weeks I've been told I have breast trouble plus advanced PD.
What can we do but trust the consultants and keep a smile ongoing. :smile: