Fed Up

Well hello again. 

Today has been a very trying day.  From listening to people in the office talking about people with Parkinsons (I haven't told anyone at work).  It felt very strange being part of a group that was being discussed.  Don't get me wrong it wasn't a horrible discussion but I did have to keep my head down as it was having an impact on me and being a fairly newbie diagnosee it was difficult to hold back the tears.

Then the battle to try and get a repeat prescription.  Having been issued a months supply by the Neurologist, it now turns out that they have not written to my doctor.  When speaking to the secretary involved she informed me she would fax it to the doctors, however on looking at the letter again it appears the information was incorrect and needs rectifying.  So three days on and I am no nearer getting a prescription.

Feel like banging my head against the brick wall and forgetting about the prescription.  Is it really that difficult?  Is it my OCD being too much?  God only knows, just feel like having a rant.  Bloody people not sure they know just how frustrating it actually is, especially even to get to talk to someone.

Wallaby x

Hi Wallaby & a belated welcome to the forum.

One of the points of this forum is that you can pop in for a rant anytime. Some members here don't sleep well, others are in other countries so there is usually someone here to reply. 

Its not OCD to want a prescription to be right. If you can't get the help you need from the GP or neuro and you are about to run out try talking to your pharmacist. They can usually provide an emergency supply for a couple of days if your repeat prescription is delayed. Alternatively they may know who to sweet talk to get the prescription fixed.

what meds are you on?

Elegant Fowl


Hi Elegant Fowl

I am on pramipexole, and it eventually took me two weeks from starting to contact neuro to getting my prescription.  I ran out for two days and started suffering the shakes, a bit like a withdrawal I suppose.  Am better now tho.


hi wallaby

                        just go very careful with pramipexole as i developed compulsive buying ,drinking & gambling &

                           horses if you a partner or wife get them to check your movements. gus 

  Hello  wallaby

                       After  18yrs  my  GP   or rather  his  staff  would on regular occasions  b??????s  up  my prescription  how  and  why  there is no  way  of knowing,   files  over  7inches  thick would   drift  off into a parralel  dimension never to be seen until the arrival of a new  commet,,very odd it took  the  robust  intervention of  my  on side  nurse  consultant  who gave  them a  jolly good piece of  her  mind,,(there  was not enough of   my  mind left)  and  that sorted  the  s  n  a  f  u  attitude so  all is  well,,for   now,  good  to  make  your  aqaintance,



Elegant Fowl- can you DM me, please? I'm trying to figure out how to write to you directly. :) 

My considered post has vanished three times.  Short version.  Monumental not say labyrinthine cock-ups every time prescription changed.  Pharmacist very helpful though.

Well after getting my prescription sorted, the parkinsons nurse has now decided to change it. Another cock up as surgery has left both on system and already sent one to pharmacy ie the wrong one. Another to be issued two weeks time. Bloody cheek have to pay as well.