FEDEX from the Badlands


Myself and Twinks remain in contact with Fedex, he battles on bravely mostly with back pain.  He retains his wonderful sense of humour and is still very mischievous !

Just thought if any of his old forum buddies read this and want a message passing on, we would be more than happy to do so.  It would lift his spirits too.

He is not using computers at the moment so has not been on the forum for a while.


Here's hoping some oldies will leave a message x





Good wishes Fedex.

The vehicle may have broken down but the contents are as indestructible as they are inspiring.



Hello everyone.

 It has taken me so long after starting with Duadopa on 15th June to open up into The Forum as I have felt so bad, I didn’t want to pour all my woes on to everyone.  

I am so glad that I opened up today and very sad to hear about Fedex’s plight.  Please send all my  best wishes to him and hope he will feel well enough to write on the Forum soon.   



Thanks Jules and Casie a good start to many more messages as I know he used to chat to quite a few on here.  I think he used Fedexlike as well.

Casie stay strong and as you said remember to plug yourself in.  What a pig of a illness this Parky beast is and seems to strike some of the kindest people I have ever met. 

Will keep this thread active until towards end of October by then anyone wishing to contribute has time to do so.  

Take Care All xx



Your painting is amazing x


My best wishes Fedex and hope to read a post from you in the near future. We had a brief post exchange and i've now recovered wink. Keep up the fight fedex you are a great example to draw strength from.