Feel like me pd goin down the pan

ive had a difficult week this week with me pd,i dont wont to come across as attention seekin either ,as some people have said about me in the past,but i feel like i have the rite to speak how i feel about wots happin tome body as well,pd wise,ive been on antibiotics since last thursday ,500mg 2x aday ,ive got a servere bladder infection yet agin ,which im prone for as i have a supa pubic cathereter in me tummy for the last 3 years,but this last week me pd has seemed to be awaful,i ache alot more,my walking ,draggin feet more as if i have no energy to lift erm up,my arms and hands wrists seem stiffer than normal,and me concentration is a big nono ,i so ired all the time i could fall asleep standing up,ive been told that the andibiotics fit ethe infetion ,but can mess up the pd meds as well,im hopin this is wot is happin ,cus if not im scared now as my pd feels crappy and if this is wot im goin to be like ,wellim sorry for goin on ,i guess u understand were im coming from,im just keeping me fingers cross ,when im over infection i be back to well lets say me normal self,wot ever that is,thanks for listernin to me moan ,all done xx:smile:
I do hope you feel better soon Alij. Bladder infections are horrible & antibiotics can have nasty effects. I did not know they might interfere with PD meds. Hopefully the infection will clear up & then the PD meds will kick in agaain All the best
Hi ali j
That all sounds hard for you. Hopefully the antibiotics have done their stuff now and I'm sure you're drinking plenty of fluids, that'll help.
You take care , and be good to yourself. All the best.
thankyou x:smile:
I'm here to alij i'm not going anywhere
hugs john x:smile:
Hi Alij,

sorry to hear your infection is causing so much pain, and stress. I was thinking of an earlier post,by Icarus, in the "carer's" section of the posts. He mentions about a week ago, if you look back, that his wife was very sick with a urinary tract infection. Once that cleared up, he mentions that she was much better, and her meds seemed to be working again. She was able to go home. You might want to read those postings....it might give you reassurance that your situation will get better. lighting a candle for you...........:grin::flushed::exclamation:
thanks for that nonnameme,i wa in hosp for 4 days with it real bad 3 or 4 weeks back,had to have drips to clear it up,this time it came back but nipped it in the budd before it got to that stage:smile:
Dear Ali once again you have helped me without knowing.I was feeling a little bit down yesterday after a hospital appointment.After reading what you are going through at this moment.I thought what am I moaning about.Hope you get better soon Angel4ux
angel 4 we r here to help each other ,hugs x:smile:
Mornin Ali j !
Have a good day today ! It's fun keeping up with you on the word assos. game !
Very best wishes.
thanks lorna ,i love to have fun ,and it nice me freinds on here are helpin me through and givin me some company and fun on cafe and things ,cus its wot keeps me goin xx:smile:
Hi ali j,
What you said is the most important thing."We r here to help each other".Ignore any nastiness.
Keep your chin up
All the best
thankyou titan for that thought x:smile:
Hi Ali
Sorry you are feeling down. Just wanted to say it's lovely to have you back, and hope we can make you feel a bit better about life.
djemm,those words you say ,i tell u wot ,u really dont no wot they mean to me rite now,:smile::smile::smile:thankyou so much all of you x:smile: