Feel lost

My has been diagnosed for over 4 years has progressively got worse. Not even leaving her home.
The falls happen at least once a week, and now she has started tilting to one side when walking with her frame.
Parksion Clinc told me she is doing good! I am at loss. I can’t do anymore than what I am doing, I feel it’s all put on me to sort everything out. I believe mum should be having a round the clock care now not just 3 times a day. And I don’t know where to turn or ask for the right solution. It’s no way for her to live. Or myself

Hi ZB40,
We’re very sorry to hear how difficult things have been for your mum and you. Every person with Parkinson’s is different and requires different attention and dosages tailored to their specific needs, so it is important to report any changes as soon as they happen to your mum’s medical team and/or Parkinson’s nurse. If you need to locate more or better care – or you just need to talk to someone helpful – our first suggestion would be to reach out to our helpline on 0808 800 0303. You will be able to speak with a trained advisor who can offer a range of services to make things easier for you both. Please do reach out to them when you can, and accept our best wishes and warmest welcome to our forum community.
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Get her into hospital somehow anyhow, perhaps at the next fall, or forgetting to take medication of her own accord. Refuse to have anything to do with medicating or supporting going forward. It is illegal to compel anyone to take care of someone else, but NHS and social services are very good at emotional blackmail to get you to agree to take your loved one home, and do not advise of all the help that is available. Our parents and spouses are legally independent adults unless social services deem they do not have capacity. Then the legal responsibility lies with social services. If you have Powers of Attorney, do what your loved one would have wanted or in their best interests. Taking the best care of a loved one does not mean risking your own health and well-being 247 365.

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