Feeling a bit lost

Parkinson's is just a word at the moment!

Mmmmm. Me too. Lots to get my head round. Hoping it's not Parkinsons at the moment but also hoping that the blood tests come back as negative for cancer next week!

Not sleeping well AT ALL from worry. Which in turn is making the symptoms worse and affecting my work. Colleagues are beginning to twig that it might be more than just a bad back.

Sorry to hear you're both feeling lost at the moment. It does feel like everyone around you is living their lives and yours is suspended. It can be hard to get your head around. Just know that we all have gone through it in some form or other. There can be good times ahead. 

Give yourself time to adjust. 

Hi emvee thanks for reply,had to give up work last week,so really lost at the moment,please keep in touch hope youre ok regards Lol66.

Hi divineR thanks for reply,will try to keep positive,regards Laurence

coolHmm  yes  I  do recognise  the  calm  before  the  storm feeling, it  was  often haunting me  back in  ol  99,  when I  was told BLACKHEART was loose  in  my  head,   nah  no no  nope,  I  feel  ok  nah   youve  got the wrong guy, I felt  ok  and  only  a trembling little finger gave  any  clue to my  futureconfused

Now 10  yers  later.. oops  sorry  12  yrs,  certain  bits  dont  work  a  well,  and  I have  had  some  hard  times  but  good  times  also  as  a  result of parky met  some fantastic  new  friends when we  arranged  a  meet at Langley Castle 2 weeks ago,  so DIVNA BE  FEARTT, if I can  you  can,you  can  read  the  posts of  our  adventure  on  TEE HEEE and TWINKS to the bad  lands  go  thee,    parky  can  be  fun.

                                     BYEEEEEEEEEE  FED4                Lol66   via con dias

Hi will keep positive regards Laurencce

Hi Lol66. Hope you are feeling more positive. Sorry, you had to give up your job.

My bloods came back normal today so no cancer :)

Doc now making an urgent referral to a neurologist though.

Tell me, have you already been diagnosed? Obviously, I'm hoping I don't have PD. When I tried asking my doctor today what he thought it was most likely to be he became a bit evasive and awkward, whereas he is usually very open and easy going.

Hi emcee yes have been diagnosed with PD my doctor to was evasive that's good news about cancer regards Laurence 

Hi Laurence, just out of interest, what process did you go through to get your diagnosis? How long did you wait to see a neurologist? Did the neuro diagnose it straight away or was it a lengthy process of elimination using scans etc?

I'm dealing with a lot of unknowns at the moment and I am not good at dealing with unknowns :(

Hope you are feeling more positive. These forums seem like a good place to come to get some positivity :)

Hi emcee,Had a scan 6 months ago,then saw specialist and he did tests and excersies,and told me I had PD then.