Feeling drained

Periodically i get a feeling of being absolutly drained. It takes up to 24 hours to feel ok again

I dont have to tell the family, they tell me because the say the see it in my face and eyes

Can anyone relate to this

I keep posting these different symptons looking for reassurance i suppose

Im waiting for a difinitive diagnosis which i hope comes within the next few weeks. The problem is on the good days i sometimes doubt myself althought the nuerologist does think its likley

Am i rambling unnecasseraluy!

Before my tremor started, in the 3-4 years before I'd frequently stop on the stairs and lie down, unable to move up or down stairs until one of the family coming near triggered my body into action.  The few times they saw me they thought I was being lazy.  At the time I thought it was exhaustion, now I look back it was a lack of movement control possibly due to my body reacting to low dopamine production

Thanks kendo

Im not as bad as that fortunatly but just sit down and no energy

Thanks again

I often have spells of extreme fatigue,  they usually come on very suddenly, even if I haven't been doing anything. Strangely, sometimes I feel so tired that I can't relax and so struggle to get sleep. Its so frustrating.