Feeling flat

Hi all

i joined the forum in Sept last year after being diagnosed end of May 2015. Me and the OH look at the forum everyday, what an inspirational lot you are.

I went back to work full- time last Oct, unfortunately at 55 I cannot give up work just yet. I've been a biker since I was 17 and had to take my bike in for it's MOT last week. What a shock again. The tremor in my right-hand was very noticeable at every junction. 

I'm on Sinemet Plus 25mg/100mgs 2 tabs five times a day and thought I had sussed out the timing before I went on the bike. The realisation hit me of what a s..t illness this is and of the fact I will have to give up biking after 38 years. Oh Joy....Not.

Anyone else had any sledgehammer moments?

rant over


Hi skyblueman

   Welcome to the forum , been a biker for ever lol still am n always will be even though I can no longer ride 2 wheels am building myself a trike , 1100 v4 Honda with a 318i bmw rear axel with a bmw Mini Cooper supercharger for good measure , was dx parky 2 years ago and Lewy body dementia 1 year ago they took my hgv licence away but still have my car n bike licence , on a 3 year restricted but lack balance for a bike hence the trike , had to stop working as an hgv mechanic as my hands shake and a poor memory is not the best mix when repairing 44 ton trucks lol, so I guess I could say Iv had a few sledgehammer moments in the last few years but I look at what I can still do rather than what I could , and I still think I'm a better mechanic with only half a brain than most who are still fit , lol

 anyway  live well and ride while you can.    Cc

I guess it is the vibration.  When I have a tooth filled my  most5ly non=existent tremor thanks to meds. comes out in sympathy

Hello skyblueman


I'm having a bit of a sledgehammer moment reading your post. I was diagnosed in 2010, I'm being urged by the neuro to take only 3 sinemet a day (on top of 16mg Ropinirole)  but I am finding it hard to get to the shops. I can go into town on the bus but by the time I have walked round 2 or 3 shops in close area I need a taxi home.

It really is a crappy condition. Think I'm about to lose my job, and then home cos I won't be able to pay the mortgage. There's a restructuring exercise going on and my name keeps coming up against jobs i can't possibly get. Apparently it's not personal - it's just a coincidence:-S hmmmmm. I m sure there's a bright side! Just struggling to find it :-(

Jackson, when I read posts like yours I realise how lucky I am I got this thing late. I was already retired with my pension secure. It is a whole different ball game for those of you still trying to earn.

Me too Jackson.......really sympathise with you. I was diagnosed after I retired from teaching, so have a pension to fall back on. The last thing you need is all this added stress. The Helpline will be able to assist you and give advice. Please talk to people and don't deal with it on your own.

All the best.   Twinks.


May i suggest making an appointment with your local parkinsons advisor/support worker (details found within the website) or your local disability advice service


Sorry to hear about your work situation Jackson. I've been very lucky in my work, they seem to be bending over backwards to help and have been very understanding. I'm a CNC Machinist/ Programmer and at the moment the tremor in my right hand is not an issue.

Been out on my bike again ( won't let it beat me) and felt better than last time. Less tremor than previous attempts ! ,and overall gave me a bit of a boost regarding keeping the bike a bit longer ,

Thank you for your replies, they are much appreciated. It's so hard to prove anything and I fear that the reputation of 'good old PD' makes some people suspicious of my mental state when I try to explain the situation, but on a brighter note (I think), it seems that more people than expected might have now gone for voluntary redundancy so they may yet have to keep me until the next round by default - though hoping people are fed up enough to  want to leave their jobs so that I can hang onto mine (by my fingertips) seems a bit awful :-S.  Good luck with the biking, I find the pedal type pretty therapeutic (sometimes easier than walking too).    Thank you again for the replies and advice. J