Feeling low

Hi all,

Well I just needed to tell someone I feel so low today and fed up with everything, sorry but I just feel like I needed to write this today as it’s all part of the package, life PD And family not working for me today, :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I send you a hug. Hope you feel better soon.

Ah Jane L thank you so much I feel
Better all ready thanks so much :+1::+1:

Hi Raz

Hope this finds you feeling a bit better. I felt like you the other day it’s horrible eh. It will pass and tomorrows another day.
Sending you a hug .

Babs x x x

Hi @Raz1,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling down. It’s great that you’ve already received some support from our members. Please remember that we’re always here to help and support in anyway we can. You can always give us a call via our helpline if you’d like to speak to someone about how you feel. Give us a call on 0808 800 0303 whenever you are ready.

Take care for now.

Best wishes,

Hi babs

I am sorry to write it on here today but really needed to say it and who best to say it to, you all do have some idea of what it is I am feeling, and thank you all for the loving hugs, I am feeling some what better now thanks babs

Kind regards to you Raz

Hi Reah

Yes I have found many new friends with out faces on here, but their hearts are all so big and filled with love and thought for others. They all should be so
Proud of them selfs as it really helped today to know that they where they when I had to talk to someone who know what I was going though. So please thank them on my behalf again. Plus thank you too you do really help,

Kind regards to you all and big hugs for you all

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Hi @Raz1,

You’re more than welcome. I’m glad we were all able to help in your hour of need. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,

Hello Raz1
Really sorry to hear that you’re feeling bad today. I believe it’s all part of the condition to have low moments or even days etc and then with the normal pressures of life on top, it can be a little overwhelming at times.
I haven’t got PD but my husband has and life for us is like a Roller Coaster at the minute.
Please remember that Roller Coasters have highs and lows just like we do and so whenever you have a down moment or day just accept it and look forward to things picking up again. Or speak to someone who understands and can reassure you etc.They can help you to power your Roller Coaster Carriage back up in the right direction.
Also, things always seem a little better the next day after a good nights sleep.
Also, I try to ensure that I make the most of and appreciate every positive or high in our lives as I know we will have some lows at some point in the near future.
Our Roller Coaster ride started in February and has had a HUGE impact on us both although it’s my husband actually living with the condition, I have struggled to come to terms with it and can’t bear to see him upset / worried / frightened etc.
Really hope you get back to the top of your Roller Coaster ride VERY soon and find something to enjoy, no matter how little or simple

I Hi worriedwife

Firstly thank you very much for your support, and your kind wards. I hope Your husband is well, wow could I say it has been amazing hear to someone who has not got PD but, has a partner who does live with it day in and day out. I do feel a lot better, it is really not likeyme to speak or say anything. You see I understand life being a roller coaster but lately my coaster has been stuck and it’s not helping the family, or even me. No sleep, so I just felt so low to day, can o ask you something please?
You do not have to answer these it’s just I would not want to upset you or my husband.

  1. How does it make you feel that your other half has PD?
  2. Do you think your Ot become selfish
  3. How do you Cope with it?

I well so far I think I have been ok, but lately with I feel like I don’t carry much about life, I want to be alone and my husband wants me, I do t know what to say to him as I feel he doesn’t want understand me or listen to me, he loves me and want me to keep going, but sometimes he don’t listen really on how I feel . When I Ask him how he is taking me being this way he just says hey.

Well that’s me and my coaster story, thank you for your time.

Kind regards Raz

Hi Raz
Firstly, you’re VERY welcome. I joined this forum as I’m desperate to understand the issues which we may potentially face at some point in the future so that I can prepare myself and be in a better position to support my Hubby should any of these things happen to him.
I understand about your Roller Coaster Carriage being stuck. You may just need a little more help than usual to get it going back up that hill but i genuinely believe you CAN do it with a little support. I guess it’s about finding what works for you, for example friends, support groups, Parkinsons Nurse, a bit of help about the house, maybe a tweak in meds etc. I hope my response isn’t too simplistic but it’s what I believe and what has worked for us so far. But I really can only speak from my / our own experience.
Have you considered counselling ? I expect both you and your Hubby are going through many different emotions and maybe he would benefit from speaking to someone too as it can be difficult to come to terms with / learn to live with, for both partners.

As for your questions…

  1. I have felt a whole range of emotions about my Hubby having this condition, from why MY Hubby?, He doesn’t deserve this, it’s not fair, terrified for his / our future, guilty that I couldn’t prevent it, protective etc to more recently feeling grateful that it wasn’t the ‘C’ word which so many people we know of seem to be getting diagnosed with lately.
  2. I don’t think my Hubby could EVER be selfish, he’s an amazing man and I love him to bits. However, I feel that this condition can have an impact on a person in a way which may SEEM like selfishness but I think if that happens then I have to put it down to the condition and not him.
    I’m sure this is easier said than done and am not suggesting that I’m right in saying all this but these are just my own personal opinions.
  3. I cope because I love him and made the vows ‘in sickness and in health’. I regularly remind myself of the way he looked after me when my shoulder was at it’s worst. I also arm myself with as much knowledge and support as I’m able. I also make sure that I’m able to cope as it’s much better than the alternative. We’ve got many years ahead of us and I’m determined to make them as good / enjoyable / loving / productive / relaxing as possible.

Hope you find some of this useful and that today is a better day for you

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Hi RAz1

Hi Raz1

There’s another day tomorrow and things will be looking better by then (fingers crossed)

HI Raz1

Hows things today?
I hope you are feeling much better.

My husband is not coping very well with my parkinsons.
He does not want to talk about it which makes it so hard.

He is so uptight about me falling which I’ve been doing regularly so much so that I feel he may be heading for a breakdown.
I’ve tried to talk to him but to no avail.

Here am I asking how you are and giving you my probs. So hard to write it down.

Babs x x x

Hi babs

Firstly sorry for late response I just have not been able to make any sense today I have logged on to day but couldn’t put my letters in the right order .

I am sorry to here that you are having falls, I too fall a lot, due to my low blood pressure, it is so hard keeping on top of which meds for what as well as thinking of all the different side effect of them.

I understand what you are sayiabout your husband getting upset- may be angry as this is what my husband is like. But you really need to look after your self, as the stress of this will not help your .

I think it is very hard of our Partners as no one what’s they love to be in pain. Also I think as men they may feel that they are losing control.

Look I think firstly he has to be ready to speak about PD and them to be able to speak to you and others openly about it too.

I hope so much babs this has helped and if you need a chat just contact me

Kind regards raz

Hi Kinne

Firstly thank you for your support, yes another day but no good for me, but it’s over and not hope tomorrow will bring me some peace . I hope you to have a good day and that you get a good night sleep.


Lots of hugs from me as well.

Hi worriedwife

Well again a big thank you for your response and sorry for late reply, well where to start, I must say it is so nice and heart warming to see that people do still love and stay together no matter what. Me and my husband have been together for a long time and I love him so much, and he loves me back too, he is not only my husband but my soul world and my world. Reading how dedicated you are towards your other half, you have made me think one how hard it is for him. And what he must be going though. You said about getting support well my nurse is very good, and I have a friends who tries to understand and listen to me go
On and on, but I must say family well firstly I am a middle child and to some this means nothing but to me it means the one everyone ignores or the one that is there and is not, they one they have have to speak to in front of other people. So getting them to understand what PD is and how is effect me on a daily bases is such hard work, as they feel I put it on most of ghe time. Don’t take me Wrong they are my family they do love me. But it’s not all bad as I have made very good friend in this forum .

You said about counselling for me and my husband well yes I think that we both will do really well from that, we do have so much going on. Lately I am finding it hard to think and understand my self as I can’t belive what I want and what I feel. On the other hand some times I feel empty and hollow. I am not sure if it’s the medicine or Me slowly letting go. Yes life is the large roller coaster and when I sometimes look at it mycoaster feels like sometimes I fall off it, and now I have you all to help Me Back on.

So you see you have not said anything which has made me think your response was simple, as sometimes those simple things are the ones we forget and it’s nice to be reminded so that we can go and check and re assess things, meds.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but I think you are so strong and well done for being you, I am sure your husband think highly of you too as you are there doing everything in your power to help and understand him. So a big well done and keep up the great work
You Are doing. I must say no
Matter what time or day if you need a chat just text I will try and get back to you fast.

Finally a big thank you so much, you for being honest and so open with me. All the best to you too :slight_smile: I hope
I have not said anything to Upset you, as that’s not what I want at all.

Kind regards

Hi Margs
Ah thank you
Very much, I think it was a very bad day, but I have
Picked my self up and Will try to keep going on. I hope you are well too.

Kind regards

Hi Raz1
I have only just picked up on your post and see you have been getting lots of support which I hope has helped to some degree at least. One thought occurred to me that you may wish to consider ie that you maybe a bit depressed. Depression is common in PD and it is probably worth checking with your specialist nurse or GP just in case. In case you are thinking as I probably would, I don’t want any more tablets, anti depressants need not be long term but can get you over the blockage so to speak. Another thing you might want to try is a gratitude diary which has some recognition in changing mood. I will leave it to you to look up because I won’t do it justice but I will say it does take a bit of practise. I do hope you are at least feeling more supported if not better. Hang on in there you will both get through this one way or another sometimes it is just hard to see when or how. Take care and don’t ever beat yourself up for how you feel, only you know that and if that’s how you feel it’s legitimate. Glad you felt you could come to the forum.