Feeling much better

Hi all , I know it’s not possible but I actually feel like I am improving at long last. I put it all down to exercise and PMA(positive mental attitude). I ran my 2nd half marathon of the year on Sunday and am doing the Great North Run this Sunday and I feel , almost , normal.
No dragging my foot , little to no tremor .
I wonder how long it will last. I’m still taking meds but even these haven’t changed much for a few years. Running , Tai Chi, yoga are the way forward …i was diagnosed in 2003 !


@dwl2412, :wave:

That’s amazing news! :smiley:

It’s great to hear that your are still active and exercise has had such a profound affect on your health. I’m sure it will inspire many others to live a more active life too.

Thanks for spreading some positivity on the forum.

Best wishes,

That’s really encouraging, particularly as you have been diagnosed for a while now. Are their any particular tips for keeping up with the running, and how you have stopped your foot dragging?


Hi Nick, foot dragging is a difficult one , when I feel my muscles start to tighten up , I stop and stretch it off. Then I will set off , walking, slowly until it wears off and I’m able to run again . It can look quite comedic (ministry of funny walks) nut it gets me where I want to go