Feeling pathetic

I dont do this sort of thing because im crap with computing  and the last time I posted I felt people were making fun of me  I was dx 5 years ago and I was fine until last year . I have a super wife , family and friends but feel that I am a burden to them .I drink too much and smoke .Ive always liked a beer but now it excessive and hate smoking . Sorry for going on just a bad day 

Bad days are perfectly acceptable - we all get them I'm sure.  I too am not good with computers, but it's quite nice to have this forum for the occasional chat.  My worry with my husband is that I'm condemning him to a pretty miserable future and I try not to go on and on if I feel rough.  I don't want my family and friends to think I've got nothing else to talk about, but there are times it's difficult to be any other way.  We just have to remember that we are still basically the same incredibly wonderful people we always were!!!!


               My wife who has PD will never be a burden to me just like i am sure you are not to your wife. As Doglover says you are the same incredibly wonderful people you were.

                  Keep up the fight...Billywhizz

Hi marina don't apologise for 'going on ' . Some days are better than others . Some days I want to scream and shout and feel sorry for myself . I think we're entitled to . Keep posting . You can vent your feelings on here amongst people who know exactly how you feel . 

Billy whizz - what a lovely thing you have just said . I too have the same worries about what the future holds. Then in the next breath I try not to think about it - something else might get me before then . Like a bus because I'm too slow getting across the road ! 

My husband feels like you (in sickness and in health ) He says he wishes it were him who had this illness and not me . ( He may have coped better as he's a very positive person and always sees the cup half full . If the boot were on the other foot I would be there for him . He is my rock as I'm sure you are to your wife . We are very lucky to have you . 

Reading through your comments a thought that perhaps you haven't considered. The wife and I care for her mother, who is now entering stage 5. We wish she would tell us how she is feeling in order that we may be able to help in some way to perhaps improve her situation. When ever we ask we're told "Oh not so bad" when that is obviously not the case. At times ignorance certainly isn't bliss I can assure you.

No loved one, worthy of being called so, will mind how much you tell them of how you feel. Often being made aware will help them to be more understanding and tolerant of the condition rather than the contary.

This may be regarded as total hogwash, but in our experience, it's the truth



Sorry its taken me so long to respond to all your kind words. I never thought why Me when I was d x  but now I do. It is hard to explain my feelings . Biilywizz thanks im sure your wife feels blessed as I do to have such wonderful partner

Its perfectly normal to feel down in the dumps at  times, with or without PD

I am the one with PD and at times feel useless but my very supportive hubby tells me otherwise, just what I need when the going gets tough.

We just all need to recognise that everyone has something and its how we deal with it that determines how those around us react. 

Always look on the bright side of life