Feeling positve

how many people feel positve about there lives now pd has took hold of us.do you work along with pd,dont let it over take your mind and get on with every day life.or has pd got control of you and you become to struggle with various things.:smile:

im feeling more positve about me self,as a lot of you no i was attacked few weeks back,and it took all my confidence away ,i would not go out me bunglow or nothing.but time has passed and ive had counselling,and when i go out now i always have a carer with me or family member.i have now started to rite poems agin,and paint,draw and do craft work,to the ablility my hands will let me do it,but i enjoy every momment of it,and feel positive about my self now that i can come through things and achive things even if i have pd and other medical problems.:smile:
:laughing:Hi Alij

Well done for rising above the negative feelings caused by your mugging. Yes, it is too easy to sit at the bottom of the greasy pole and say "I can't do this or that anymore" and it takes guts to say "I amy not be able to this but I can do that" and take the first steps back up the pole. I've spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself - I had ME at 38 and then PD diagnosed at 53 while nearly recovered from ME - and sitting in a huddle at the bottom of the world but your recovery has made me take a long hard look and find things I CAN do and try to be positive. SO Thank you .
Good on you ALIJ
positive Shakenbutnotstirred is back talk to him talk to me the mindless B,s that attacked you will get what is coming to them life will inflict pain and hardship on them you have come a long way in a short time I am proud of your strength and courage and the support and input into this forum keep going and we are all behind you . may be we will see your work go for it ALIJ
thankyou you jenny and mommah:smile:your rite it is so easy to go into that depression state,ive been there couple years ago,had a break down,but pulled through agin.alot of us have so much goin on in our lives,but we have to try and keep our heads up,if we can do that you feel much beter with in yourself.i have spokern to so many other members who have had a bad time,and ive tryed so hard to help them,and i do hope i achived something.cus when it happined to me ino good community mebers come togeather and pull me back up agin.and im very grateful to that.thats wot its all about,is watching out for the vunuable people around ou or on the forum,and try help to bring there confidence back,and if we achive that we got so much positve feelings running through our veins.:smile:
I try very hard to be positive but it is not working today:disappointed:


Hi Carolineb123:wink:
I don't want any of those things either but life's a S**t so what do we do ? look around you look for the good things in life and if you were to visit any hospital or hospice then look in the eye's of the dying and tell me you are alive and kicking sorry to be so harsh but I have seen so many die young and old and life is unfair that's why I have to be positive . I recently was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago with ? a stroke at the tender age of 53 and I will tell you now i was scared but the angels were with me and thank god I am walking talking Dotty Mad and the rest but I am being positive because if i am not what life have I got to look forward to. You probably want to smack me in the mouth but I had to reply and yes I think the same as you some times but the little mini me on my shoulder kicks me up the a**e and saintly me gets on with things.
To Shakenotstirred this thread is why we need positive and negative messages !! what do you all think ??
I dont feel positive about PD; it's horrid. However I do feel positive about lots of other things and I am determined PD is not going to strip that from me; people I love, places I love, things I like hearing or looking at or smelling,. 6 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, same year I got the PD diagnosis and hey..... I'm still here albeit a bit I was quite fond of is missing after surgery!. There was a time when I didn't know I would be here to write this.
I appreciate what you are saying Momma, I work with disabled children, some of which have life limiting conditions, we lost a child last week. My best friend has MS and is now living in a nursing home.I am well aware that there are people worse off.


Does that make my pain any better ? NO
Does it stop the cramps? NO
Does it mean I won't have to give up work? NO
Does it mean I can keep driving? NO
Does it make the feeling in my head better? NO
Does it mean I can be 'normal' again? NO

Life is not a competition to see who is worse !!
i felt like that so many times caroline,and to a point i do agree,no one wonts to feel pain or feel ill,but its life unfortunally ,we got dealt the rong cads.before i could of been the worse moaner on the forum,but things have made me think,i been brought up with a disabled brother and both parents ill,dad has passed now,then so did my auntie,with me at her bed side.my mom has recently been dignozes with brain cancer and told they carnt do nothing for her,so life is a ticking bomb now.but i found that working with my pd made me feel a bit stronger,cus i belong to a group,i fund raise ,i do lot things for pd people ,well as much as i can .i make things and sell erm and money goes to puk,i do relise not everyone can become positve about them selfs,and im not saying im perfect,i have real bad days to when carnt get out of bed.but in my mind now i think life is to short,so im trying to fill in the gaps as much as i can with wot i got.when i left work from working with infant school children it broke me heart and i struggled big time to find things to do,ive been depressed many times in the past over various things,but people around you pick you up,things around you do.nothing apoart from meds takes pain away and some times it dont ,not all of it it .but those times is the times you need to be at your strongest.talk to some one how you feel,i found by talking makes a huge difference to,making friends,which i have made so much since having pd.my old life has gone,and i hav a new one now ,and thats how i see it:smile:
Caroline, if I find out (within two or three weeks) that the lesions on my skin are not malignant, I will be HAPPY.

The deep pit Iā€™m in at the moment tells me there are worse things than PD.
Sorry Alij
You have been an inspiration to this site and hope you go on being an inspiration you are a special person do not let that go. Why am i saying sorry well as a newbie i have found this site a battle ground that most threads have positive views and instead of that being encourage the negative view (not always a bad thing) but it feels as they jump in and every one becomes competitive ?. I will keep looking in and if appropriate I will chat but at the minute I feel there is undertones to rub people up the wrong way,and i know when I have posted this there will be a response but thats not me. I don't want it to be one sided but i also don't want the tiger waiting to pounce every time i write a view
Good luck with the forum Mommah
Sorry to have been so self-indulgent. Feeling better now.

But I still think there are some things that are worse than PD. (I am allowed to think, aren't I?)
mommah,thankyou for sayin wot you did bout me:smile:sorry to pounce on you ,im not a tiger though ,well not to nite mommah:wink:i can see were your coming from,i stopped posting for a while cus i felt exactly like you,and i no i could speak for some other community members.but as the forum is at the present,i really belive it is running quite well,if any problem comes along the moderaters seem to jump in really well now and its sorted out.i no we can not stop some folk speaking about things unless they break rules,which can get quite akward,ive noticed that some members are not posting,but new members are coming and staying,wots the sayingout with the old and in with the new,i guess,but i wish it not like that,after all we all got pd and a voice.we will always have positive and negative feelings,thats life ant it.but mommah your voice needs to be herd:smile::smile:
lily my dear,i feel for you so much,and your rite there is things out there worse than pd,wot ever happins to us we need to be here for one another .and im here for you x:smile:
Thank you, Ali; that's really sweet.

I don't know about you, but half the innuendo on this forum goes right over my head. I must be thick. So I suppose that's a good thing ... or as Eck would say: :exclamation:
:laughing:yep lily im with you ,join the club:smile:
Hi all
I've just read all the posts above .i keep getting knocked down but I always get up again.my dad ,aunt,and farther in law have all died with cancer.my son in law is diabetic and soi is my 14year old daughter who fell I'll down Cornwall. She has cerebral palsey and in a wheelchair my other twin has aspergers,asthma and dyspraxia.plus we foster two children at the moment.ive had PD dx last nov. but looking back I've had it years.last year I was climbing trees this year it's hard climbing the stair.caroline I have all those symptoms you have plus I've got bells palsey since April which is crushing my head.i choke,bite my tongue,twitch everywhere,heart flutters bad aching pain everywhere I feel like I've run a marathon the day before.stay with me aji.i tremblle and have serve cramps.i dizzy and can't get this pain out of my heade.i sleep 1 maybe 2 hours in the morning and that's it..believe me I'm write down not because of the above it's because I see my family living in front of me with no idea what pain. I'm in or what pd is,

But once I got dx I changed my life around andbought a nice static caravan at the sessile I'm not going to let pd Win
All the best john
I try to be positive,but its bound to bring in negative thoughts. I try not to dwell on how things used to be.Its dealing with the way i feel now ,today. This morning I FEEL PRETTY GOOD.By dinner time that might have changed. The worse thing in life for me ,would be if I didn't have my husband.I have him and nothing else matters.We fight it together,and i tell him the day I don't put my lippy on is the day i give up. ANGEL4UX
hi potter,im so sorry to hear of all the things that goin on in your life,some times life can be so cruel and we dont get a break.these headches you have though worry me,nothing seems to shift them for you,you say you only sleep 2 hours,some times lack of sleep can make you feel headachy and groggy,but yours seem to be goin on and on and on,for to long in my eyes.if i was a dr i would be thinking of sending you to see a spealist by now to see wot he surgest that can make them go for you,you must feel horrible everyday waking with a bad head goin on,i no i would.but im glad potter that you are turning your life about and feeling more positive about the pd,having a static carvan will deffo make you feel more relaxed with in your self,may be thats just wot you need to relax more.you got lot presures goin on in your life other wise.good luck to you :smile::smile:
keeping that positive attitude angel is wonderful to hear,you a your hubby sticking it out togeather,fiting through things togeather,wonderful:smile:i hope the best for you xx:smile: