Feeling really anxious and agitated

I am newly diagnosed 4 weeks today . Before diagnosis was anxious and panicky . Diagnosis I thought would help but still have anxious times. Trying calming breathing but still find it difficult to calm myself
Anyone else feel like this

Hi @Comriepelican and welcome to our friendly forum,

A new diagnosis can be hard to come to terms with and it 's quite normal to feel anxious. You’re entering a world you don’t know much about after all. As well, Parkinson’s itself causes physical changes in the brain, and some of this can be helped with your medication.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health symptoms for people with Parkinson’s, with nearly half of them experiencing one or the other. I’m sure you will soon hear from other members who will relate to those anxious feelings and have tips for you.

You say you are no stranger to anxiety so hopefully you already have some coping tools. You mention calming breathing, for example. You will find more information about anxiety and how to cope here. You might like to learn about mindfulness, think about getting a massage, and choose a fun exercise. Do talk to your GP or Parkinson’s nurse about all the things at your disposal.

Don’t forget you can always call our helpline for advice or support. We can be reached at 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
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Thank you for your very prompt response . Will look at website