Feeling spaced out

My husband has been having episodes in the morning when he feels spaced out and more unsteady and looks aa if he is not well. He is on a low dose of amlodipine for high blood pressure. Could this be due to Parkinsons?

Hi Cat1953, it is my husband who has PD. I take amlodipine for high blood pressure. I think the side effects are most likely when you start taking it. I have been on it for many years now. Has he just started taking it? Re him feeling unsteady and looking unwell, it may be worth checking if he has a UTI. On the couple of occasions my husband didn’t look or feel too well and was very unsteady, he was found to have UTI’s. One of which resulted in a week in hospital earlier this year. I have since found out these infections are very common in PD. Of course it may be something else causing this problem, but it’s worth checking it out. Hope he goes on OK. Jean

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