Feeling the cold

Does anyone else here feel extremely sensitive to temperatue change? I’ve always felt very little by way of reaction to the cold, but ever since I was diagnosed with PD, cold has become unbearable. I just cannot get warm, or rather I should say my right side cannot get warm. My left side is quite comfortable and warm, but my right side feels achingly cold. Feels it in itself, and is also cold to the touch. I am also experiencing increased levels of Semi-Dystonia, Dystonia that effects just the right hand side. Which is not painful as such, but is acutely uncomfortable and intrusive. Is this PD, or something else? I also have Degenerative Spinal Stenosis, so it could be that too.

Whatever the case, its acutely uncomfortable and in urgent need of getting sorted. Any wisdom gratefully received…

Hi MB420,

We’re sorry to hear things are uncomfortable for you at the moment. The weather has certainly dropped! In addition to the forum, you can also reach out to our trained advisors via our helpline.
You can find all the info via this link- our advisors can provide information about all aspects of living with Parkinson’s.

All the best
Tom A, Parkinson’s Moderator

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Hi mb

      I suffer really bad with the cold, my son bought me a plug in blanket it is my saviour but other than that I don't have a quick fix I use while I watch tv or just relaxing with it switched on low it's heaven.



I also feel the cold my movement is slower,take longer for meds to kick in,just put the electric blanket on bed today, find this great just warm bed up before bed ,Also wear arthritis gloves can buy these on eBay. When it gets colder the long johns will come out ! Found best one’s to buy from Next .All the best soon be spring

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Hi MB420 I am a heating engineer with parkinsons You need about 21-22 degC to be comfortable, of that,about 10% needs to be from a direct line radiant heat sorce, So with most electric fan heater there is no radiant heat sorce so you fidjet, even though the room temperatue is ok, the same would apply with a radiator that is to far away to far away,The electric blanket type of cover is a good idear, [ we go camping with one ] I hope this has helped to solve a small part of your problem. Fat finger pete

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Thanks for this - I hadn’t appreciated the need for a direct heat source, In the evenings I tend to use a fleece blanket which I can drape around my ‘cold’ side - usually just the shoulder and arm

LOL! Thanks everyone, excellent advice as usual. Funny thing is, I have completely forgotten posting the initial post. Short term memory is attrocious these days. Parkinson’s ~ it gives, and it takes! I have what I suspect is a new symptom now to deal with. Excruciating pain in the left corner of my jaw. Can’t eat anything solid at the moment without awful pain. Plus my spinal stensois is kicking off in the cold ad my hips feel like they’re going arthritic now. Haven’t had any good sleep in… well, tbh, I just can’t even recall what it feels to wake u after a good sleep… Anyway, have GP appy this aftie, so… Have a good day everyone. Keep fighting! Whatever you do today … Love someone, crack a joke, have a giggle and SMILE (if you still can). One smile can travel around the whole world in a day! I have chocolate & weed ~ Life is GOOD!!!

Hi All, I have always had cold hands and feet, but since being Diagnosed if my body is cold it effects my whole body. I start to go stiff and that often causes my whole body to cramp. Cramp is the only way to describe it but I first feel my toes curl and then muscles in my legs becomes tight and sometimes twist my head locks down to one side and my left goes across my body… makes me look and sound like someone from alien or the walking dead,Haha. I also have issue with my back were one bone has slip forward on to another… To cope with the cold I have heated blanket and have the heating on constant… Music is my is the key to me keeping up beat… love all kinds of music… Here are a few that make me chuckle shake rattle and roll bit like me in the morning… or everyday i’m shuffling… keep on smiling an keep positive and don’t let the bugger beat u…