Feeling tired

I have been fairly recently diagnosed with Parkinson's and find that I feel tired most of the time. Is that normal with PD?
I was diagnosed back in March 2011 and just recently I am constantly feeling very tired, as soon as I sit down I fall asleep, also struggling at work and in the process of reducing my hours. This happened also just before christmas, tired, no interest or motivation, I think its just something Im going to have to get used to, but one thing that really drives me mad is the pain in my left foot especially my toe, hurts to wear shoes or boots, nothing visible but really hurts, GP says its down to the medication, this also comes and goes. Its great this Parkinsons eh?
Firstly welcome to the Forum. It's a great source of information and support.You'll find it very useful to hear other people's experiences, as well as the advice from clinicians.
Fatigue was my main symptom before I was dx in 2009. I remember telling my Dr. that my legs felt like concrete and walking was like wading through treacle !
Other symptoms came to light and it was a relief when I was finally dx.
You'll be pleased to know that my legs no longer feel like that.
Of course , all due to the amazing actions of the meds. I'm on. Of course, it's not perfect - you have to keep remembering to take them on time, and that can be a bit of a nuisance. For a while, when they've kicked in - you feel 'normal'. Be a little late in taking the next dose, and your body tells you !
So keep as active as you can , recognise you will be a little slower and be patient with meds. if you're on them , because that often takes a while to find what suits you best.
Good Luck!
Hi. I've also been recently diagnosed and although I can't say I feel tired all the time I do have trouble with my legs! Some days I'm absolutely fine but other days they really really ache - in fact it's more pain than ache! It's often worst when I'm doing somehing simple like washing-up.....I have to give up and go to lie on the floor with my feet propped up!
But this is surely not caused by medication?....I'm on quite a low dose (as far as I know) ....and it's only bad on certain days.
Shopping is also bad at times - trouble is there's often no seats around so you just have to put up with the ache/pain.
My biggest symptom is pain and being TATT.
I struggle with fatigue too but find Bowen therapy helps a lot with that. I get a 4pm 'little lull' as my o/h calls it! bit awkward when working till 5!!!!!!
Re no seats when shopping; do you know you can buy a range of walking sticks that turn into seats? Google walking sticks/seats to see lots of options. Can help if stuck in a queue. For some reason standing is harder than walking...weird
hi trj, have you started on the medication because that can cause tiredness, but fatigue is a big part of pd some suffer more than others as we all have similar symptoms but not the same, pd treats everyone differently, if you are extremley tired maybe worth getting your blood checked you might be anemic just a thought, sue.
Thanks to everyone for the helpful replies...I guess it's all about finding the right way of coping with a condition that has no agenda but simply hits you as and when it decides to do so. Positive thoughts must be the order of the day. Good luck to everyone!
Hi everyone I was dx last nov I've gone downhill since then what with getting bells palsey as well one evening in April whicht started one of the worse headaches I've ever had and today I still got the same pain and it's there all the time.its masked all the other pd pain which is everywhere.i think this constant pain is tiring me out.three quarters of the people that get it recover if I'm in the other quarter I don't think I could take it all the time.but I m trying to keep going walking through treacle all the time and all the muscles that feel pulled.yes I've got alot of the pd symptoms.but you've got to keep going.
All th best everyone
:stuck_out_tongue:Hi Lilly , that's good advice ,as i was dx with CLL a very slow moving Leukemia some years ago .
hi ya ,im ali ive had pd 12 years in november im 43,tirdness is a huge part of my life unfortunlly,when i was first dx i becme tired fily quickley before dx i was a crosscountry/track long distance runner/marathons also,i found my fatige became awful near the end of my running carer,it was the beginging of pd,i dont relly enjoy telling new members yes this is part of pd but im not goin to lie to any one,if it was be i would wont to no the truth then hope i got surport.this forum can give this surport everyone is very helpful and will give guidence as time goes along.:smile: