Feeling toxic!

I know this is a regular concern for Parkinson's but I'm in so much discomfort, (constipation) I don't want to do anything. There is a lot of wind, is this down to food? One nurse has suggested I eat olives or even use a suppository prescribed by the GP just to get cleared out!

I really want to get control of this. Would a nutritionist help at all? I hate to think that this comes with the territory and exercise etc won't shift it.

Any suggestions on what has worked for others in a similar situation.

Our Parkinson's nurse tells us that constipation is a part of Parkinson's and that the bowel becomes slow as other movements do.
I am sure you will get lots of tips but my husband sorted it with a laxative to get started and then 3 or 4 prunes every morning to keep it up.
Good luck
Hello soulmate
golden girl is right. We`ve also been told constipation is part of Parkinson`s. On our Parkinson`s nurse recommendation my OH has sorted it with a laxative called laxido prescribed by our doctor. You have to mix a 14g packet of powder with water and drink it. After a while 14g seemed to be too much so now I measure out 10g and that seems to be fine for him. He says it is very gentle and much better than other laxatives or suppositories.
Hope you feel much more comfortable soon;