Feeling worse!

Having been diagnosed just over a week ago and starting on low doses of Sinemet the next day, I find myself feeling more achy and tired than I was pre-diagnosis. i had a really bad afternoon yesterday, and even tried to contact my local Parkinson's nurse at one point. 

Is this usual? Perhaps it's just a bedding in thing, but this is the first time ( apart from my tremor) that I've actually felt as though I have the illness. Good news is I can already feel improvement in my left hand which is freeing up somewhat.



Hello fingers

It can take some time to get used to meds and often when they help with one thing, there are unwelcome side effects with something else  e.g.  I had my sinemet dose increased afew months back, took away some aches and pains but gave me a twitchy face.   You win some, you lose some.

Stick with it for a while but let doc/nurse know what is happening to you. They might try a different drug.

Good luck

Hi all

I was always very quick to say that a new medication wasn't working for me but the doctors always came back to me to say no-one could tell if something was working or not until taken for about 2-3 months.  That sounds harsh but I had to wait.

Best of luck to you.



Thanks, this is all very new to me, it's great to have the forum to get this type of feedback! 


Thank you , your advice is much appreciated.