Feelings of guilt

I’m not new,I’ve been here for almost 6 years.
I got involved with local group and really enjoyed it till recently
I became scared and depressed watching friends diagnosed at the same time as me,get worse very quickly.
My Parky is very slow,of which I’m grateful,but I couldn’t watch my friend going down and stopped going.
I realised my life was going downhill and I turned my life round.
I,realised that although I love all these folks I couldn’t handle the fact that I was still a lot better than them
I felt guilty ,and scared
7 months ago I left and my mental state is much better now
I still feel guilty but I must look after me for my family’s sake.
We’ve been to London twice and love it,I’m capable of a lot more than I believed .
Anyone else felt like this

Hello gcy,

Don’t feel guilty. With our condition it is important to reduce stress and confrontation as much as possible. This does not reflect on your sense of compassion for fellow patients.

My mother had PD for 35 years before she died aged 85, so I had first hand experience of what eventually awaits me. I was diagnosed in 2010 and mercifully progression has been been slow so far. The reason I am writing is because I couldn’t face going to the local support group. I felt as though I was admitting to being a victim, and being 61 at the time I still felt relatively young and the group quite rightly catered for an older age group. I apologise to anyone offended by this - it is not my intention and I feel guilt mentioning it which goes against my opening comment. The point is, if you derive no benefit from it there is no point carrying on with it so long as it is not to the detriment of others. So be kind to yourself. You can contribute by taking part in this forum.

I will close by apologisng again if I have offended anyone with my comments.

Best wishes to everyone.


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There is no way that you could have inflicted PD on others, controlling their deteriation is again, beyond your control. I am sure if you told them they would say you are being stupid to feel any guilt.

Enjoy your life, and saviour each day until the cure is found,and it will be. I wish all who share PD positive thoughts and a happy life.

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gcy and Geordieparr

I agree that we have to think what is best for each of us. Some people are much more motivated than others to help themselves and some get very depressed and don’t want to do anything about it. We can’t change that. I think we all have a duty to think of our families who are probably suffering even more than us as they can’t change our PD

Onwards and upwards, whatever PD trowsa our way.

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I cried like a baby when I got home from my neurologist telling me I had Parkinson’s.
I felt I’d let the family down.
I’ve always been the head.
Not in a bossy way but in a “Whatever happens if we stick together we’ll beat it” kind of way.
Like a team captain.Roll up your sleeves and charge forward.
I taught my kids how to deal with bullies yet have compassion for those weaker than themselves.
Always looking out for the underdog and the disadvantaged.
Everything changed that day.
My life didn’t end though.
It just got different

But hadn’t I become one of the disadvantaged?

No way!!

I wasn’t having that.

So the captain stepped up to become the coach…or possibly the manager.

Now rather than charging around like a bull in a China shop leading by example physically. I think my way around things a lot more .
I have become calmer,more rational and I think a nicer person.

By the time I’d dried my eyes I knew I had to fight this beast.
But I have to fight clever.

I still have my bull in China shop days where I overdo things physically.
I had one yesterday.
I had some furniture to move and rather than wait for my son to help I did it myself.
I am regretting it now at 5am with PE to teach all day today and my muscles screaming.
Yes I sometimes get it wrong.
Parkinson’s hasn’t made me perfect :joy:
It’s just made me different.