Feels like wearing a heavy helmet and a lot of pain



My husband for some time now has severe pains around his head.....he describes it as wearing a heavy helmet all the time.


He is in severe pain most times during the day and night.


We have been to the PD clinic and our local doctors, but they just say that it is part of Parkinsons and they really cant do much for him. They also can't give him much more than paracetomol due to the medication he is on.


I really feel it for him being in so much pain and that I can't do anything to help him.


He is 53 and has had Parkinson for 12 years now.







 For some ridiculous reason I cannot cut and paste the website but if you google...

NHS Pain clinics .........there is a useful overview of what hospital  pain clinics can do for the management of    long-term pain.   I am surprised your medics have not suggested/referred your oh in view of the distress he is suffering.  Its surely worth a try.


Best wishes 






I`ve had head pain, not a s bad as your husband`s sounds.  I got a lot of relief from visits to a sports therapist for shoulder and neck massage.  Although my neck didn`t trouble me that is where the problem was and the massage coupled with simple neck exercises has more or less cured it.

Hope your husband gets relief soon.




Thanks for your responses.


We has another trip to the doctors today as he was really bad last night.


We got the same responses as in the past......try a nasel spray, paracetomel, and its parkinsons.


He is a bit low after that as no one seems to listen.


I have googled the pain clinic and will look into that and try and get an appointment for him.


Many Thanks


Hi there Katty

   I to suffer with head pain not intense but constant it feels like a tight band around my head it fades but never goes entirely , none of the shop bought pain killers work and I've tryed them all, I have found that I have a crunchy neck not painful or stiff just noisy when I rotate it or move it from side to side and if I spend five mins rotating and rocking my head as far as it will go the crunch slowly clears and the pain in my head fads I don't know if your oh would benefit the same but may be worth a try.

  Live well.  Cc



That is exactly how he feels only with intense pain. He said many thanks and he will try that.