Feet are giving me terrible bother

Hello all, I am just wondering if someone can help me sort out my feet issues. They are constantly in a state of tightness and numbness and I find it impossible to sleep at night with the discomfort. I only get relief when I am up and about walking. My feet feel particularly hot and numb. I have been taking Madopar but it doesn’t seem to make a hoot of difference. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @boomerang83, :wave:t4:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing issues with your feet. Parkinson’s can cause problems with your feet. You may also find it more difficult to look after your feet if you have certain symptoms like dystonia.
We have more information on our website about various different feet problems that I’m sure will be very useful to you. You can find this here: Foot care | Parkinson's UK

There is also information on a list of contacts and resources that would be beneficial to you. I hope this helps! :blue_heart:

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Hello Boomerang … I have Atypical Parkinson’s & I have had both numb & swollen
feet for a while. So you are not alone. My problem is the opposite to yours in that everything is fine in bed, but my feet & legs are uncomfortable to walk on.

I personally think it is Parkinson’s related, rather than the Parkinson’s medication I’m
taking. But you never know whether we have Parkinson’s & this is something else.

Best of luck.

thanks for your response Steve. hope you are keeping well.

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Hi boomerang … my pleasure. I saw my Neurologist yesterday & he said my feet were swollen because he says I have Peripheral neuropathy as well as Atypical Parkinson’s [Buy one get one free]. I have to go to Brighton for tests [in 4-6 weeks]. I have been taken off all my Parkinson’s medication & put on Amitriptyline for my symptoms. Might be something you should look into for your feet.

Take care.

Hello boomerang83 … Just an update to say that the Amitriptyline has been brilliant in curing the swelling in my feet & a sore ulcer on my right heel.

Have you tried Amitriptyline yet?

Best wishes