Fell Walking

Hi Everyone,

Would anyone out there be interested in starting a walking/fell walking/backpacking group for PwP with the aim of organising regular walks; or would you like to do it with a friend who also has PD.

As an enthusiast I struggle to keep up with other members of my local mountaineering club up here in Cumbria. It would be nice to do it with others who know just how hard it is at times to keep going and be prepared to adjust according to the needs of the group.

We are spread out all over the country and could form several different groups eg: Cumbria, Northumbria, Yorkshire etc. all with contact details so that it would be possible to join in other areas walks.

Personally I prefer to walk in parties of 2-8 persons but understand that some prefer larger groups. Depending on numbers and abilities we could arrange different grades and distances etc.

Any thoughts or ideas on the matter will be very welcome. Maybe you would like to join small informal walks or maybe just organise a day in the hills with a like minded friend.

I look forward to all your thoughts.

My first thought is that there is a huge amount of admin required to achieve the things you are suggesting. What you seem to propose doing is setting up a pwp Ramblers. I wonder if Ramblers would be interested in doing it?
Possibly small informal groups would be the better way to go about it rather than a formal club with all the associated admin.
I would love to join a walking club what a great idea. I suffer from nerve pain down my left side but find walking helps. The only problem is i tend to walk slower than people without pd and tend to stumble, walking with people in the same situation would be good.

If anyone from East Yorkshire is interested.......