FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) device for footdrop

Has anybody on the forum any experience with a FES device who has footdrop due to Parkinsons? I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinsonism about a year ago, possibly have had it a couple of years prior as per my neurologist. My initial motor symptoms that became quite obvious was dragging of my right leg, stumbling and balance problems along with my right arm not swinging. I now have a splint on my right leg and use a stick. There realy has been no progress in the footdrop which I was told I had and now have been recommended for FES device to see if that would improve things. I am currently waiting to be called to be fitted with one on a trial basis to see if it would help my situation. Although Im on medication my walking seems to have got much slower and unable to walk much distance without having to stop. Anyone with similar experience - comments or possible solutions most welcome. Thanking you!

Hi carml, I don’t have Parkinson’s (my husband does) but I had a brain aneurysm 10 years ago which left me paralysed down my right side. Long story short, I had to learn to walk again and did, but still have problems with my right foot. I was offered FES and it has helped me tremendously, walking is much improved, still not great but at least I can get about a little. Give it a go

Hi Chocqueen11,
Thank you so much for your reply. Im sorry to hear of your brain aneurysm - I
can only imagine how difficult that has been for you as well as your husband having
Parkinsons. Im surprised at how few people have even heard of the FES device.
For someone like you who obviously have been through a lot, I am happy for you that
you have had some benefit from it. I have found it very difficult with my limited mobility
as enjoyed walking so much without giving it a second thought. I realize that there are
a lot of other people dealing with a lot more than me but if I can walk a little better I would be
quite happy. It has helped to hear some feedback of your experience with the device. So
thank you again. I do wish you the very best with yourself and your husbands health. :slight_smile:

Hi carml, nice to hear from you. I do hope you give FES a go as I’m sure it will benefit you greatly. As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Good luck

Thanks Chocqueen11. Will post an update whenever I get to trial it. All the best to you.

I have used FES on a trial and it has been very beneficial.
Some instant improvements seem as well as long term benefits

Hi Lainer,
Thanks for your comment on the FES. It is
re-assuring to hear that you have found it beneficial.
I am still waiting to be contacted for the trial of one and
look forward in anticipation to it making a difference to my mobility. :slightly_smiling_face: