Fight back

Good evening all.

I haven't posted on here for nearly 18 months now and when I did I was looking for help dealing with depression, insomnia, anxiety, the usual side effects that come with having Parkinsons. Well fast forward 18 months to the present and you'll find a completely different man. I got help for all the aforementioned issues and started to get myself back on track, then in July last year I started to run. I am now halfway through training for my first marathon having completed several half marathons along the way. I feel more like the person I was years before being diagnosed and my whole wellbeing has improved and I now have a 'can-do' attitude towards life rather than the I can't do anything feelings from before.

Why am I telling you alll this? Because if I can go from the depths of depression and thoughts of suicide to a soon to be marathon runner so can anybody. Stay positive and as I always say 'I may have Parkinson's but it will never have me'

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Hi Steve72,

What a great fighter you are. Your story of overcoming big problems so positively is an inspiration to us all.  Keep an eye on your knees though, good trainers are so important.

You have demonstrated that positive thinking and will-power can do so much to fight the hideous Parkinson.



@Steve72 what an amazing story. So glad about the change that you've made. Thanks for coming back and sharing it. 

I've joined a running club who have all supported and encouraged me every step of the way. I've had my gait analysed and been fitted with trainers that suit. Despite this I have had my struggles with injury, mainly shin splints....but hey it was just another challenge to overcome. Onwards and upwards...

Hi Steve.  Just found your post.   I run too.  5 km park runs most Saturdays. I'm a bit older than you at 75 next week, but love every step I take. Great to hear about your progress. Keep it up . Would love to run with you.      Mike

Hi how are you.?. Was so good to meet you and your wife at York.

You do so well with your running.

Best wishes Barbara xxx

Really pleased you have sorted your anxiety depression and insomnia. Could you tell me how you managed to do it as I  still have huge problems with these and it restricts my life so much. So any help would be appreciated 

Thankyou for sharing your story.  feel motivated to keep battling x