Fighting PD

Having a fight with PD yesterday and today. Got up, started to get ready for work then everything came crashing in!
Feeling really sad and weepy for some reason - couldn't face going in to work.
Seeing specialist nurse tomorrow so hopefully she can reassure and encourage.

Dear Lentil,

Sorry you had such a bad day, I hope once you have seen the nurse and get the right medication you will feel a lot better, keep your chin up as they say!
best wishes
Hi lentil

Sounds like is has been a bad day with PD. Do you take any medication at the moment, probably a silly question.
I know when I get tired, my whole body seems to shut down and I can not control my tremor feel so weak that I just have go to bed. Most mornings I drag myself to work.

It is a cruel disease that we live with and we understand those emotions you are feeling. Your not alone. keep going and be strong, thinking of you do take care .

Love PB x