Finally I found this Forum

Good evening,
I’m 57 and have been diagnosed PD last summer. The neurologist told me “You have PD, we’ll start with Neupro 2mg. Come back in four months”.
I’m suffering from allergy, asthma, sinusitis and a couple of other nice little thing and I always thought “that’s your burden” and I got along with it.
Now PD is another league and today i understand why I had burn out symptoms and some kind of depression and anxiety since several years: it was PD announcing itself.
I have very light PD symptoms so far: left hand trembling, dizziness and some difficulty with balance ( forgot to say that they discovered Cervical arthrosis )

On the good side of life is that I work an live in the South of France, near to Nice, I have a great Italian family and three fantastic dogs.
Ah and btw. I’m German.

I was looking a while for a forum like this one but apparently nothing there in France except for Parkinson with some honorable local offline groups.

What I’m looking for is experience exchange with people who have PD in order to understand better this disease and how to prepare for the future. ( honestly I do not yet realize: PD? Me? You’re joking, huh? )

So that’s it. I already found some interesting threats. Are there some international members?

Thanks for having established this platform

The way I cope, is taking each day as it comes. Take my meds on time and rest.

Hi eWizzard and welcome to the forum,
There are members from all over the world on this forum which helps ensure that there will be somebody here even in the middle of a sleep deprived night.

Elegant Fowl

So true, although I’m still waiting diagnosis my body doesn’t know that and I spend hours awake st night !

Hi eWizzard

Welcome to the Forum. I was diagnosed in January this year, a bit older than you at 83, and also with a number of other problems. I am on sinemet plus and Rasagiline and my symptoms are quite mild, although the neurologist said I had moderate PD.
Things have not really changed since the diagnosis - life goes on much as usual. I have found the Forum really useful - reading of other’s problems and solutions and realising that although we may have the same diagnosis, PD is different for every patient.
I hope you find the Forum as useful as I do , - as you say theer are no international barriers to PD - it can happen to anyone.
I am fiinding it interesting getting involved in some of the research programmes. If I can help to make things better for people in the future, then that’s a good thing.
Best wishes

Hi eWizzard

The good news is that you’ve presented with a tremor which my neuro told me meant a very slow degeneration and five and a half years later I still have only a slightly worse tremor so you’ve a long way to go. Don’t rush into taking lots of Meds, listen to your body and above all exercise (check out the PD Warrior website). There is the European Parkinson Therapy Centre in Italy where you can go to get good PD advice. Be kind to yourself, you have had a great shock just give yourself time to get used to the diagnosis. Take care.