Financial help with the cost of alternative or complementary treatments

I have been trying some alternative treatments to help with symptoms including a personal trainer delivering strength, mobility and cardio exercise, a probiotic course and spinal touch therapy. All this comes at a considerable cost. Could I possibly claim financial help with this and, if so, how?

Hi @Suzanne67,

It’s great that you are taking these measures to manage your symptoms. To answer your question about financial help, this will depend on the type of therapy you want and the policy in your area. Some hospitals and GP practices offer a few complementary, therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage,osteopathy and chiropractic treatments. We have more information on our website also includes a booklet that you can download -

I’d advise you to speak to your GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse about what’s available locally. Your Parkinson’s local adviser may also be able to help you. If you need more support of this, please give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

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I have actually approached my local Adult Care Service to see if they would consider funding or part funding my sessions with a personal trainer. I am the first to admit this is an unusual request but on the basis if you don’t ask… and to be fair to them they are giving it proper consideration. I have had a visit from one of their staff who supported my request and it has been passed to the team for a decision. I accept this is not a high priority so don’t know when I will get a decision. Starting from the basis that gym memberships are sometimes prescribed, I thought it worth a shot. My argument is that it will aid both my physical and mental health which it does (I currently pay) but that the one to one is important because I can focus and concentrate without distraction, there is just the two of us in his studio at the time and my positioning etc can be corrected. At the moment my key aim is core strength which I hope will help me minimise risk of falls etc which in turn could reduce the need for carer input from them or delay when that help might be needed so the cost of the trainer could be seen as cost effective in preventative terms. It is a long shot and a somewhat creative approach but I think there is a real argument for support and it has at least made them think outside the box. I don’t know which way it will go but I will continue with the sessions even if I have to continue to pay, they are making a difference to me.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have been advised to try the PD Warrior exercise class as well, but the nearest one involves a round trip of over 80 miles - the price for living in beautiful rural Devon. Any views on this considering the other things I do.

Thank you for your suggestion. Have you had any response yet? I currently do Pilates,Yoga, Tai Chi, play badminton and belong to a walking group. It all costs money, so some help would be very welcome.

Hello no not heard from them yet. Will ring in the next few weeks for an update. Will let you know.

Just to let you know I haven’t followed this up yet, got rather overtaken by unexpected events and have had to put things temporarily on hold. Will let you know when things get moving again