Financial Support for Stage 4

Hi people,

Hope this is the correct place to ask. My Dad has had Parkinsons for 15-16 years, and it the advance stages of PD, Stage 4/5 ish, he’s nearly 80 years old.

At the moment Carer’s are just financial crippling.

In short he has £1210 a month “Spare” to pay for carers, the last monthly carer bill was £2750… (An hour in morning, hour lunch time, half hour dinner, half hour night)

At the moment he’s getting attendance allowance.

We’ve gone through Adult social care and got a DP card just starting now. He said will aprove 21 hours of care a week at £21.95 (£460) But has to pay £300 assessment charge so works out £160 help a week.

Even monthly with Attendance allowances, state pension, private pension and DP card it’s still only £1800 to put towards to £2700 carer bill.

Is there anything else worth looking into claiming?

We looked into NHS continues care but was refused.

Feel like between a rock and a hard place, trying to sort this out for my dad as he’s not able to do it himself or talk to people (on bad days it’s hard to understand what he’s trying to say)

Thanks in Advance!

Hi Vinny,
Welcome to our community forum. Our immediate advice on this would be for you to reach out to our helpline, on 0808 800 0303, as one of the primary services they provide is help with paperwork and finding aid. The call is free and confidential and our advisers are universally praised for being kind and helpful. You can also find loads of information on our website,
Best of luck and warmest welcome,
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